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    LinkedIn Has Quietly Rolled Out A "Follow" Button To Millions Of Members

    31st July 2014 20:18

    A gigantic change is quietly sweeping through LinkedIn. Millions of members now have a "Follow" button, a feature that promises to transform how we think about our interactions on the professional network.ReadWrite has found, and LinkedIn has confirmed to us, that a far broader set of users can now broadcast their activity to followers who don't need to formally connect with them to see what they're doing.This shift is more profound than it may first sound. It makes LinkedIn less…

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    Backups – The Forgotten Website Security Pillar

    31st July 2014 18:05

    I travel a lot (a lot might actually be an understatement these days), but the travel always revolves around a couple common threads – namely website security education and awareness. In these travels, regardless of the community I am engaging with, there are always common questions like, “How important is it to proactively protect myRead More

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    Government to miss the boat with unrealistic £1tn export target

    31st July 2014 16:23

    Tweet As the government sets its sights on a £1tn export target for 2020, actual UK trade figures remain worryingly low. ICAEW call for more support for exporters on both a financial and practical level.     read more

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    Why Download One Facebook App When Eight Will Do?

    31st July 2014 16:00

    It's now officially a trend. Big social-media companies are now so dead-set on getting you to use their apps that they're taking a sledgehammer to them, busting up perfectly serviceable software into collections of mini-apps they hope will have a better chance of catching your eye.Foursquare, Facebook and LinkedIn are just a few of the companies that have recently pulled apart their main apps in order to spin off once-core features as standalone offerings. The standby Foursquare service is now…

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    How 3D Technology Will Transform Business

    31st July 2014 15:00

    Guest author Sanjay Patel is CEO and co-founder of Personify, an immersive video technology company.Before long, 3D imaging—which requires a 3D camera to capture the 3D nature of the world—will be a core component of laptops, tablets and smartphones. While it’s easy to imagine how this technology might impact consumers, especially with Amazon’s Fire Phone, Google Tango, Microsoft Kinect and Oculus Rift making headlines, its usefulness for business isn't quite as straightforward.See also: Google's Project Tango: 5 Things You Need…

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    How Java Kept Its Groove On

    31st July 2014 14:00

    This is not your grandmother's Java. Despite hanging around since 1995, Java is the programming language that keeps on giving. In fact, in a recent jobs report, Dice.com named Java one of the top five languages to know if you want a programming job in 2015.How has Java remained king of the programming mountain for so long?Taking Popularity Contests By StormGo has been taking off with the rise of cloud computing, Scala has been helping companies scale for 10 years,…

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    The Chaos of Leadership

    31st July 2014 13:16

     It’s the prevailing view of the modern business leader in the wild, that maintaining balance in all things should result in success. From balanced team building to a healthy business outlook and budget, maintaining the balance will result in less stress, less internal drama and less problems overall. It’s a “corporate culture” that’s served some of the biggest and brightest well, however we have a name for cultural traits that remain unwavering in the face of any real facts: “cultural…

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    The Runtastic Orbit Is A Fitness Tracker With All The Right Moves

    31st July 2014 13:00

    I'll admit that all these wearables are starting to wear on me. Every time I roll up my sleeves, I roll my eyes.Yet I've found a new wearable device that may be a keeper, from an unexpected entrant. It's the Runtastic Orbit, which goes on sale Thursday morning for $119.99.The Runtastic Orbit tracks steps, like other fitness bands, but it also tracks minutes of activity in a way that avid exercisers will appreciate.Enter The OrbitThe Orbit is a tiny pod…

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    Sprint’s Cheap Facebook-Only Cell Plan Will Cost Us Plenty

    31st July 2014 12:55

    Some people think all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Others have no problem propping up certain services. To no one's real surprise, cellular carriers are increasingly in the latter camp. On Wednesday, Sprint’s prepaid Virgin Mobile division announced a dirt cheap prepaid plan that lets customers pay a paltry $5 for uncapped usage of Facebook or other social networks, instead of a broader and pricier data plan.See also: Why Net Neutrality Became A Thing For The Internet GenerationThis follows similar announcements by…