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    More than 700 Virgin Galactic ticket holders are left wondering what's next

    31st October 2014 23:40

    Following the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo's crash landing Friday that killed one person and left another injured, hundreds who have already booked a flight on one of the first space tourism vehicles are left wondering about the future of their own trips to the stars. In April, Virgin boasted that they had already sold more than 700 tickets, some to Hollywood celebrities, others to simple space enthusiasts who wanted to be part of an historic first wave of pioneers But now,…

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    Grumpy Cat's Christmas movie: Watch the first clip

    31st October 2014 22:44

    Paws everything — you're about to hear Grumpy Cat's voice for the first time ever Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza provides the voice of the Internet's grinchiest feline in Lifetime's Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, and we have the first clip from the film See also: Crappy Holidays From Grumpy Cat! Plaza's deadpan delivery of Grumpy Cat gives sharp-witted life to the fuzzy star, who has, in two years of web fame, only communicated through meme-like font. Now that…

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    This is your chance to ask Mark Zuckerberg anything

    31st October 2014 22:25

    Mark Zuckerberg is prepared to take your questions The massively wealthy, Mandarin-speaking Facebook founder will be hosting the social network's first public Q&A next Thursday on Nov. 6 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET) See also: 8 Brutally Honest Facebook Notifications That Need to Exist Now You can already submit questions to Zuck by commenting on his announcement post. If you're too shy to ask something yourself, there's the option to "vote" for what questions get answered by liking…

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    Storm brings much-needed rain to drought-stricken California

    31st October 2014 21:56

    Rain or snow is expected to fall on much of California throughout Halloween weekend as a Pacific storm system drives a cold front across much of the state. While the storm does nothing to change the fact that the state is in the midst of the worst drought in at least a century, it could bring significant rainfall to parts of southern and central California that have yet to see any major precipitation this season, according to the National Weather…

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    Canceled 'Magic City' being made into movie with original cast, plus Bill Murray

    31st October 2014 21:24

    Starz's Magic City is coming back — as a movie. The film, which will be penned and directed by creator Mitch Glazer, is set to bring back much of the original cast — including star Jeffrey Dean Morgan — of the TV series, which concluded in 2013. The twist? Magic City the movie will also feature some new characters, played by Bill Murray and Bruce Willis See also: 5 Movies That Need a TV Reboot “Mitch is a fantastic creative…

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    16 perfect reactions to the sexy Ph.D. costume on Amazon

    31st October 2014 21:10

    Don't get mad, ladies. Make a good joke. For just $50, the Delicious Women's Ph.D. Darling Sexy Costume on Amazon takes sexist Halloween costumes to a new level. Not only does a respected profession become a dizzy Halloween daydream for women to dress up as, but it's also another example of turning women into sex objects See also: The sexy Ebola costume is real, and it's horrible To add insult to injury, the sexy graduation gown component of the costume…

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    5 top social media campaigns of 2014

    31st October 2014 21:05

    When was the last time a social media campaign made you really feel something, whether it was happiness, hope or fear? Below are five of the most successful social media campaigns of 2014, each of which was able to tap into genuine emotion to make a lasting impact on consumers. Each of the below will be featured at this year’s Mashies Award Ceremony, where we’ll be revealing the year’s most outstanding examples of digital media from categories including Best Real-Time…

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    Gas prices are getting so low, people are taking photos of the signs

    31st October 2014 20:53

    A gallon of gas for under $3? The number on signs across the U.S. has caught many drivers by surprise — so much so that they're taking photos. In the past month, the national average price of gasoline fell $0.30 to $3 on Friday, according to AAA. See also: 26 Weird Museums to Visit for the Ultimate American Road Trip "It's stunning what's happening here," Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, told the Associated Press.…

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    Andy Rubin exits Google: Where are the robots?

    31st October 2014 20:17

    “The future is looking awesome!” Andy Rubin tweeted almost a year ago. Back then, it was Google had just acquired yet another robotics firm for Rubin, the founder and former head of Android, to run as part of Google’s Robot Initiative (hence the tweet). Almost a year later, Andy Rubin has yet to tweet again (about anything) — and has, with little fanfare, exited Google Which leaves me with just one question: Where are my freakin’ Google Robots, Andy? Thus…

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    Google rotates 6 Doodles for Halloween and lets you spookify selfies

    31st October 2014 20:12

    It's Halloween, so naturally we expected a themed Google Doodle to go along with the day But this year, we were treated to six Doodles (in the form of GIFs) that alternate each time you load the homepage, from a witch stirring the pot to werewolves howling at the moon. While the mix is certainly fun, the Doodles are far less interactive than they've been in the past. Bing's following up its brilliant Halloween homepage from 2013 by taking visitors…