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    2 NYPD officers shot and killed in Brooklyn, police confirm

    20th December 2014 22:30

    UPDATED 5:30 p.m. ET Police officials have confirmed that two New York Police Department police officers shot in Brooklyn while sitting in a patrol car near a public housing development are dead. The shooter, dressed in camouflage pants, committed suicide in a nearby subway. Immediately after the shooting, the suspect fled on foot and entered a nearby G train subway station, where he was pursued by police officers, according to the Daily News. Soon after, the suspect was reportedly brought…

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    New Ray Rice footage shows handcuffed couple kissing after elevator punch

    20th December 2014 21:41

    A surveillance video that surfaced Friday reveals more footage of the night Ray Rice knocked his now-wife Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City casino elevator. In the video, Rice and a tearful Palmer are seen kissing after both were put in handcuffs and arrested The nearly 45 minutes of casino security footage, obtained by ABC News, shows the events immediately following the elevator assault See also: Ray Rice story becomes soap opera after NFL's Black Friday news dump ABC…

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    Uber apologizes after South African singer accuses driver of sexual harassment

    20th December 2014 19:40

    Uber's bad PR streak continues. Nikki Williams, a South African singer-songwriter, tweeted on Saturday that she had reported an Uber driver for sexual harassment after he allegedly tried to "grab and kiss" Williams in her driveway. See also: Uber is on a rocky route to international expansion Just reported my Uber driver for sexual Harrassment. He tried to grab & kiss on me in my own driveway. Fought him off and ran inside#WTF — Nikki Williams (@nikkiwilliams) December 20, 2014…

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    Sony reportedly hires the crisis specialist who inspired 'Scandal'

    20th December 2014 19:30

    Sony Pictures Entertainment's not-so-secret weapon against North Korea and bad press? Olivia Pope. Well, sort of. Following a swelling PR nightmare in light of an extensive attack by anonymous hackers, which prompted Sony to cancel the theatrical release of its film The Interview, the company has hired crisis specialist Judy Smith — the woman whose career inspired Kerry Washington's character on hit ABC drama Scandal See also: A complete recap of 'The Interview,' the movie Sony may never show you…

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    'The Interview' Twitter and Facebook accounts have been scrubbed

    20th December 2014 19:02

    Traces of The Interview are disappearing quickly. The film's Facebook page and official tweets have quietly been deleted as of Saturday morning, days after Sony was pressured to cancel its theatrical release following violent threats from an anonymous group of hackers that the FBI now believes to be connected to North Korea See also: Sony ends 'The Interview' and hands hackers a terrifying new script The Interview's Facebook page (see a cached version, below) had nearly 400,000 followers prior to…

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    Woman hilariously haunts Tinder by pretending to be a ghost

    20th December 2014 18:30

    Grace Spelman is a girl living in an immaterial world. And she just wants to be loved. The 22-year-old actress and comedian began her journey into the terrifying world of online dating world by proposing an even more terrifying — and hilarious — idea to her followers on Twitter on Dec. 14. Spelman decided she would join Tinder as an actual, bonafide ghost. See also: 24 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed on Tinder I'm going to redownload Tinder and try…

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    Sony hack fallout: What can the U.S. do against North Korea?

    20th December 2014 18:06

    What seemed an unlikely twist in a cheap Hollywood thriller is now reality: the U.S. government has publicly accused North Korea of hacking Sony Uncle Sam's finger has been pointed, and President Barack Obama has made a promise to respond "proportionately" sometime in the future. Meanwhile, North Korea has denied any responsibility and even offered to help in a joint investigation See also: Why it's possible North Korea was behind the Sony hack But what can the U.S. actually do…

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    Unleash Seth Rogen On North Korea ... Via BitTorrent!

    20th December 2014 17:45

    Seth Rogen, The Interview, SonyNorth Korea goofed. By attacking and threatening Sony until it yanked its Seth Rogen film, The Interview, the nation-state turned a minor, hare-brained movie into a cause for freedom and anti-terrorism that everyone now wants to see. Some wacky schemes for alternative distribution have started coming out of the woodwork. A BitTorrent spokesperson, trying to goad Sony Pictures Entertainment into distributing the video on its file-sharing platform, said it's the "best way for Sony to take back control of…

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    D.C. has passed sea level rise 'tipping point,' more cities to follow: study

    20th December 2014 17:33

    SAN FRANCISCO — Major U.S. coastal cities, including Washington, D.C. and Wilmington, North Carolina, have already slipped past a sea level rise-related “tipping point,” and into a new era of increasingly common and damaging coastal flooding events, a new study found Other cities along the East and Gulf Coasts are following close behind, with the majority of coastal areas in the U.S. expected to see 30 or more days of “nuisance-level flooding” each year by 2050, regardless of how significantly…

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    Reddit unveils plan to give back some of its funding to users

    20th December 2014 16:43

    If you're an active Reddit user, you may just get a little "money" from the company by this time next year. After raising $50 million in funding in September, Reddit's then-CEO Yishan Wong announced that investors were willing to "give 10% of their shares back to the community." Reddit has since changed CEOs, but on Friday, the company said it would move forward with its plan to give a stake back to users. See also: Aliens in the valley: The…