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    British company reunites lost teddy bears with owners

    21st November 2014 23:22

    The future looks stuffed with promise for lost teddy bears in Britain Scenario: You're traveling on a train with your family in London. The train pulls up to the station and you quickly herd your bags, your bigger luggage and kids off the train. You're off the train and as the cars pull away, your youngest proclaims that he left his best friend, a stuffed bear affectionately and creatively named "Teddy," on the train See also: Cuddle the Undead With…

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    GOP-led panel debunks Benghazi theories in Friday night news dump

    21st November 2014 23:17

    WASHINGTON — A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees. Debunking a series of persistent allegations hinting at dark conspiracies, the investigation of the politically charged incident determined that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a…

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    How the creepiest and coolest moments on 'Constantine' come to be

    21st November 2014 22:34

    Some of the key special effects scenes on NBC's Constantine may just comprise mere minutes of screen time, but behind the scenes, weeks of work have actually gone into creating the mind-blowing moments that make you jump Despite this fact, though, visual effects supervisor Kevin Blank says bringing the creepy world of Constantine is mostly scary fun See also: Every important midseason TV date in one calendar Blank, who previously worked on NBC's Crossbones, collaborates with Sweden-based visual effects studio…

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    Mashable and Street Dreams capture Coney Island in its off-season

    21st November 2014 21:53

    Last weekend, Mashable and Street Dreams Magazine opened up Coney Island's Luna Park for our second #MashMeet. We wanted to give our community exclusive access to a famous park in its off-season, and we're so glad we did. See also: 25 creative compositions on streets around the world From mid-afternoon to sundown, we made portraits, chased light and collaborated with Instagram's finest artists. Creativity was off the charts — using their smartphones, DSLRs, film and instant cameras, photographers found the…

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    Inside the concrete walls of Afghanistan's fun park, a respite from war

    21st November 2014 21:49

    Kabul may seem an unlikely location for a fun park, but that's exactly what makes an attraction devoted to amusement so appealing. Thousands of families have visited Kabul's City Park since it opened in October, taking advantage of the chance to temporarily escape lives greatly affected by war. Even among park rides and costumed characters, the threat isn't far away: The park is surrounded by high concrete blast walls. See also: Space travel is dangerous. There will be no tourists.…

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    Ferguson protesters and police agree on limited 'rules of engagement'

    21st November 2014 21:48

    St. Louis County officials said on Friday they would honor some, though not all, of the Ferguson protesters' proposed "rules of engagement" for police interactions during demonstrations that may come with the impending grand jury decision there. Among the rules the two sides are in agreement on: The first priority will be to preserve human life, police will wear minimally required attire for their safety and police will establish channels of communication with protesters for deescalation during tense situations. See…

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    Radio hosts offer Bill Cosby's crowd $1,000 to heckle him mid-show

    21st November 2014 21:48

    MELBOURNE, Florida — Two local radio personalities are urging attendees of Bill Cosby's Friday night comedy show to stand up mid-performance, yell something about the sexual assault allegations against him, and videotape their heckling. Sabrina Ambra, one of the radio hosts, told Mashable they will give $1,000 to each protester. The sold-out venue here — the King Center for the Performing Arts — can seat 2,016. See also: Bill Cosby asked AP to 'scuttle' this interview footage "The plan is…

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    Uber and Spotify hope music collaboration drowns out recent woes

    21st November 2014 21:33

    Uber and Spotify's music collaboration kicked off Friday with a series of live concerts and so-called drive-alongs with artists across the globe. Mashable met Uber representatives at the company's office in Santa Monica, California, to get a first-hand look at the service, which gives paying Spotify subscribers control over the music in an Uber car See also: Uber hires IBM's former chief privacy officer to assess its policies The companies announced earlier this week that Spotify subscribers will be able…

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    Duolingo app now certifies English language proficiency

    21st November 2014 21:15

    The popular and acclaimed free language learning platform Duolingo has just launched a new app that allows you to certify your English proficiency right on your iOS device. "Every year, over 30 million job seekers and students around the world are forced to take a test to prove that they know English or other languages in order to apply for a job or school," Duolingo notes. "Offline tests can require paying an entire month's salary, traveling to a distant examination…

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    Jerusalem on edge after deadly attacks and a summer of war

    21st November 2014 21:05

    JERUSALEM — Dara Frank and Sam Green had been planning their wedding for months The nuptials, though, was the easy part. The timing was harder. The couple, American emigres to Jerusalem both in their 20s, had scheduled their wedding for late August — and all summer Israeli soldiers had been fighting in Gaza. And then there was the seating arrangement.... “We had left-wing peacenik Jews, Arabs, right-wing Zionists, gay American Jews, Hasidic Jews and Israeli soldiers” as well as an…