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    Aussie Football Players Dress Up as Rolf Harris and Victim

    2nd September 2014 00:29

    SYDNEY — Two Australian Football players are at the centre of a costume controversy after they dressed up as entertainer Rolf Harris, recently convicted for indecent assaults on children, and a young girl. Dean Terlich wore an eccentric coat, grey facial hair and glasses to dress up as the disgraced Australian music icon, while his Melbourne Demon teammate Alex Georgiou wore a red dress with a wig with pigtails. The incident happened during Mad Monday celebrations, a party to celebrate…

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    Grover Norquist Had an Awesome Burning Man

    1st September 2014 23:53

    When some Burning Man veterans heard that Washington, D.C.-based anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist was planning to attend their favorite desert festival for the first time this year, an eyebrow or two was raised Surely this conservative campaigner, creator of the tax-cutting pledge that still binds the hands of nearly every GOP lawmaker, would turn his nose up at something that outsiders often mistake for an ultra-liberal hippy holiday? See also: Burning Man Isn't What You Think, and Never Has Been…

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    Man Who Inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge Is Now a Father

    1st September 2014 23:33

    The 29-year old man who inspired the world to raise millions of dollars for ALS research through the Ice Bucket Challenge now faces a different kind of challenge: parenthood. Pete Frates and wife Julie Frates welcomed the birth of a 7 pound, 8 ounce baby girl named Lucy Fitzgerald Frates on Sunday morning, according to Boston television station WCVB. The new parents made the announcement on their Facebook page Read more... (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];…

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    Browser Extension Tells You Wi-Fi Speed at Hotels Before You Book

    1st September 2014 23:02

    If getting online while you're on the road is important to you, slow Wi-Fi at hotels can be a pain A browser extension launched Monday wants to help travelers avoid the hassle of bad Internet connections by adding information about hotel Wi-Fi speeds and quality, on top of what is already available on popular booking sites. See also: 14 Unique Hotels for an Extraordinary Vacation In July, Hotel Wi-Fi Test announced its rankings of hotels according to Wi-Fi speed and…

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    Iceland's Bardabunga Volcano Puts on Breathtaking Lava Display

    1st September 2014 22:22

    The Bardabunga volcano in Iceland continues to put on quite a show, with lava pouring out of a gash, or fissure, in the ground The latest fissure eruption, which began on Sunday, could go on for weeks, if not longer. It may also lead to a greater hazard — an explosive eruption that sends large clouds of ash into the air and melts glacial ice, causing flooding. See also: Incredible Photos Show Papua New Guinea Volcano Spewing Ash, Lava Such…

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    Celebrity Photo Leak: Is Poor iCloud Security to Blame?

    1st September 2014 20:56

    Apple has for the first time acknowledged reports of an untold number of nude or compromising photos allegedly stolen from celebrities' Apple iCloud accounts. "We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report," Apple representatives told Mashable. While that doesn't admit any kind of culpability in the attack, which was first reported Sunday, security experts are already pointing the finger at not one but two flaws in iCloud security. See also: The 25 Worst Passwords of 2013…

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    7 Standout Moments From Made in America Music Festival in Philly

    1st September 2014 20:36

    PHILADELPHIA — Through rain and shine, the east coast segment of the bi-coastal Made in America music festival delivered many memorable moments over Labor Day weekend Some moments left attendees spellbound in dance fervor, inspired by monologues from artists and surprisingly silent during poignant artistry that broached hot topics such as Ferguson, celebrity culture and female empowerment. See also: For Early Made in America Acts, Cover Songs Get the Rowdiest Responses In chronological order of the major nighttime acts, here…

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    Space Sex Geckos Dead on Reentry, Russia Reveals

    1st September 2014 20:03

    The five heroic sex geckos sent into space on July 19 to study sexual reproduction in zero gravity died before returning to Earth on Monday, Russian officials said It is unclear what they died of, or whether the intrepid geckos ever mated in space. Their tiny, partially mummified bodies were found within their enclosure aboard the small Foton-M4 spacecraft at the conclusion of their mission "All geckos, unfortunately, died," the Russian Space Agency said in a statement. "The date and…

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    What Happened to the Last Hacker of Celebrity Photos

    1st September 2014 19:47

    The person or group who allegedly stole nude photos from celebrity iCloud accounts and began to post them online on Sunday has yet to be identified, let alone charged. But the brief history of celebrity hacks suggests that jail time is in this hacker's future. Alleged nude images of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others began showing up online on Sunday—some confirmed as authentic, others not See also: After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe…

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    Atlantic City's Revel Casino Set to Close

    1st September 2014 18:56

    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — It's the most spectacular and costly failure in Atlantic City's 36-year history of casino gambling: the $2.4-billion Revel Casino Hotel emptied its hotel Monday. The casino itself will shut early Tuesday morning. Revel is shutting down a little over two years after it opened, aiming to revitalize Atlantic City's struggling gambling market But mired in its second bankruptcy in two years, Revel has been unable to find anyone willing to buy the property and keep it…