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    Airbnb Lets You Sleep in Ikea for the Night

    22nd August 2014 00:26

    SYDNEY — You can now live your own version of the movie 500 Days of Summer — by staying a night in an Ikea store. For real: you could be sleeping on the beds, cooking with fake ovens, eating all the meatballs How? In what may well be the partnership of the century, Airbnb has coupled with everyone's favourite Scandinavian flat-packing store for one night only — August 31, at one store in Sydney. See also: 7 Nasty Things Australians…

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    See Jake Gyllenhaal's Worm Turn in New 'Nightcrawler' Trailer

    21st August 2014 23:51

    "If you want to win the lottery, you've got to make the money to buy a ticket." So says Jake Gyllenhaal, who couldn't be more right, at least as far as playing the lottery is concerned, in this new trailer for Nightcrawler. Well, what remains of Jake Gyllenhaal, anyway, who left a whole lot of himself on a treadmill somewhere to create this dark, morally compromised turn as one of the shady operators who chases ambulances and cop cars to…

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    U.S. Copyright Office: Photos Taken by a Monkey Can't Be Copyrighted

    21st August 2014 23:40

    The U.S. Copyright Office has settled the recent debate over the so-called monkey selfie, declaring in updated rules that a piece of content produced by an animal can't be registered. Neither can content created by ghosts and gods. Seriously. See also: Very Important Analysis of the Monkey Embroiled in the Wikimedia Copyright Controversy "The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals or plants," the federal office, which operates under the Library of Congress, wrote in a recent update…

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    The Absorbing Man Is Coming to 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

    21st August 2014 23:38

    Get ready for the arrival of "Crusher." Marvel announced Thursday that the Absorbing Man — aka Carl "Crusher" Creel — will face off against Coulson and Co. in the season premiere of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., airing Sept. 23 See also: Marvel vs. DC: Who Has More Superhero Style? He will be played by Brian Patrick Wade, best known for his roles on Generation Kill and Teen Wolf. Marvel released an first look at his debut, shown above. The Absorbing…

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    The Grim and Growing Business of Kidnappings in the Middle East

    21st August 2014 23:30

    The execution of American journalist James Foley at the hands of Islamic militants, gruesomely displayed in a video that surfaced this week, was a palpable reminder of the shadowy business of kidnappings in the Middle East. For years, extremist groups like the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for Foley's murder, have plied this grisly trade. In the process, they have earned millions of dollars in ransoms, further fueling the radicals' rise. See also: At Least 39 Journalists Are Still Missing…

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    Folks, We Have a New Contender for Cheesiest Local Ad

    21st August 2014 23:10

    It's tough to make a successful local ad. With low budgets, poor lighting and cheesy graphics, there's a lot that can go wrong But that didn't stop this "Ancient European" restaurant from trying its best to make the perfect commercial for its fine dining establishment. This ad has it all: white suits, talking fish and big, important questions about what our early ancestors ate for lunch. Whether this ad is purposefully cheesy or wonderfully earnest, it's at least succeeded in…

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    Hands On With the New Vine: 6-Second Videos Will Never Be the Same

    21st August 2014 23:10

    The new camera features on Vine aren't just shiny and new. They've totally changed the platform It’s been nearly two years since Twitter acquired Vine and added it to the canon of notable social media platforms. Six-second looping videos simply weren’t “a thing” before Vine proved that our short attention spans were, in fact, good for something. See also: 10 Reasons to Use Vine to Help You Build Your Brand Scores of users descended on the simple new tool, discovering…

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    55 Gorgeous Views That Show Hawaii Is the Dreamiest State in the U.S.

    21st August 2014 22:45

    Happy birthday, Hawaii! Fifty-five years ago Thursday, America welcomed its youngest and most tropical state. But let's be honest: When it comes to states, Hawaii is a bit of an outcast. See also: 15 Gorgeous Vacation Spots Proving Heaven Is a Place on Earth Sitting some 2,400 miles off the coast of California, the beautiful archipelago has a diverse and awe-inspiring landscape unlike any other state in the union. The volcanic islands have a plethora of stunning beaches, lush tropical…

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    How to Shift PR From Vanity Metrics to Value-Driven Measurement

    21st August 2014 22:22

    This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations. Vanity, to any degree, is typically a substitute for things (or people) that lack true substance. The truth is, in our modern, self-obsessed culture, we all suffer from some level of vanity — but beyond a certain threshold, it shifts from tolerable to destructive. We've all heard stories of the stereotypical wealthy playboy who invests in nightclubs…

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    Report: Tesla OS Update Could Let You Start the Model S With an iPhone

    21st August 2014 22:19

    Tesla did away with the need for gas, and now, according to a new leak, it's planning to throw away the keys. The newest Tesla Model S OS update will reportedly allow owners to start and unlock their electric cars with an iPhone. See also: Faster, Better, Solar: Record-Breaking Student Car May Hit Streets by 2015 Based on screenshots obtained by Electrek on Wednesday, the new Tesla mobile app has "new notifications functionality and the ability to start your car."…