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    Facebook Wants To Be Creepier Than Google With Your Data

    29th September 2014 17:28

    In an ever-escalating battle to own the Internet, Facebook is going after Google's digital advertising empire, using your personal information as ammunition.Atlas, the ad-serving platform Facebook purchased from Microsoft in 2013, will apply Facebook user data to sell ads on websites outside the social network. That's not as creepy as it might sound—rather, it's not any creepier than anything else that happens to your not-so-personal-anymore info that's already free-floating on the Internet.Facebook's repository of humans will provide basic information to…

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    6 Places A Startup CTO Can Find Mentors

    29th September 2014 17:00

    Everyone needs mentors. But as a startup CTO, it can be hard to find other qualified entrepreneurs who have faced similar challenges. To find out where startup CTOs can go to find this much needed advice, I polled a group of entrepreneurs from YEC to hear their suggestions.Past Employers and VendorsAs a startup CTO, I find mentorship through my counterparts at past employers and vendors we use. Oftentimes, these can be transient types of mentorship. But with some reciprocation—they'll usually…

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    13 Secrets Stephen Colbert Extracted From Google's Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

    29th September 2014 16:00

    Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at Biography.Stephen Colbert, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Eric Schmidt at 92Y. (Photo: Joyce Culver)On Tuesday night, The Colbert Report host moderated a panel with Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, Google's Senior VP of Product Management at New York City's 92Y. The topic: Schmidt and Rosenberg's new book, How Google Works, an inside look into the technology corporation's nurturing history and culture.Like an hour-long Colbert Report interview, the talk was…

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    Let's be honest, running a startup sucks

    29th September 2014 15:04

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    Take Your Best Selfie Ever With Instagram's Hyperlapse

    29th September 2014 15:00

    <em>Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at <a href="http://www.popsugar.com/tech/Use-Front-Facing-Camera-Hyperlapse-35805204">PopSugar Tech</a>.</em>Instagram's new timelapse video app, Hyperlapse (free, iOS), just got a new selfie-friendly update. Introducing yet another type of selfie: the #selfielapse. The app can now capture high-speed timelapse videos with the front- and rear-facing cameras. There is a now a new icon on the app's home screen that toggles between the cameras. We're hoping this significantly improves the quality of already existing selfies.Some #selfielapse pro tips:Stand…

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    New Security Flaws Render Shellshock Patch Ineffective

    29th September 2014 14:38

    Your system is still vulnerable to the Shellshock bug, even if you’ve patched it. Security researchers have found new flaws in bash, rendering previous patches ineffective.See also: How To Detect And Patch This Big, Bad Unix Bash Shellshock BugThe bash shell is an omnipresent command-line interpreter used by default in Unix and Linux, and by extension, Apple’s OS X software. The shell itself is decades old, and it turns out the bug has been present for the last 22 years…

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    Docker May Be A Great Developer Tech, But It Doesn't Cure Ebola

    29th September 2014 14:00

    Pity the child star. Like a Macaulay Culkin peaking too early, Docker, the hotter-than-hot Linux "container" technology, is already coming under withering criticism for not living up to its hype as the reincarnation of Gandhi ... or the cure for Ebola.Which is obviously really, really stupid.See also: Docker Promises A Standard Way To Package Apps To Run Virtually AnywhereLet's be clear: there are lots of reasons to hype Docker. In a world of increasingly distributed applications, Docker's Linux container technology…

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    Conservative Party conference 2014 [LIVE VIDEO]

    29th September 2014 11:21

    Watch live video of the Conservative conference taking place in Birmingham until 1 October.

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    UK small firms predict increase in international trade

    29th September 2014 10:35

    Six out of 10 small business owners expect to be trading internationally by 2016, new research claims. read more

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    How Hong Kong's Protesters May Evade Internet Blackouts With FireChat

    29th September 2014 10:14

    Hong KongTens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have gathered in Hong Kong for days to peacefully protest proposed voting reforms set by China’s legislature. Thanks to the messaging app FireChat, these protesters are able to connect off the grid, making it much more difficult—if not impossible—for the authorities to shut them down by blocking Internet access.(Which, by the way, hasn't yet happened, although it's certainly a possibility; China recently blocked Instagram access on the mainland, apparently to prevent dissemination of photos…