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    Bill Clinton's portrait has a secret Monica Lewinsky reference

    2nd March 2015 18:45

    The artist who painted the Bill Clinton portrait that hangs in The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery added an easter egg that contains a veiled reference to the president's infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky. If you look closely at the portrait, you'll notice a dark shadow that appears on the mantel in the Oval Office just behind Bill Clinton's right shoulder. See also: The Internet According to Bill Clinton's White House Can you see it? A portrait of former President William…

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    In 'Sharknado 3,' Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter run the country

    2nd March 2015 18:40

    Flying sharks are apparently the least of America's troubles in Sharknado 3 Syfy announced Monday that the third installment of its flying shark franchise has enlisted Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who also (fittingly) appears on ABC's Shark Tank, and Ann Coulter for guest roles See also: It's a Twitter Feeding Frenzy: Internet Reacts to 'Sharknado 2' The parts? Cuban will play the President of the United States and Coulter is his VP As previously announced, the new season will…

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    Google Gives Game Developers More Tools To Play With

    2nd March 2015 18:00

    That vaguely creeped out feeling you get from Googling something for the first time and then seeing ads for it when you log on to Facebook two minutes later? It's soon going to follow you to your Android games. Google announced Monday that it will offering game developers additional tools in the form of player analytics and additional features in AdMob, Google's mobile advertising platform. Google says the analytics will launch within "the next few weeks" and should give developers greater insight into…

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    Sundar Pichai: Here's How You Ought To Think About Google

    2nd March 2015 17:45

    Looked at one way, Google is an online advertising company with a lot of peripheral—and mostly not-very-profitable—side businesses in mobile devices and Internet service. Looked at another, it's an ambitious-bordering-on-crackpot technological innovator that just happens to make its money from ads.Google, of course, prefers the latter characterization. So it wasn't any big surprise when Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president of product, took the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday to offer some insight into Google’s mindset and…

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    PayPal's Startup Guys Have Seized The Company's Reins

    2nd March 2015 16:30

    At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, PayPal announced it plans to roll out tap-to-pay NFC payments in the UK and Australia this summer, and has acquired a company which developed a rival group's retail payments service.But the real news, ReadWrite has learned, is a reorganization by Dan Schulman, the company's new president, who will become CEO after the payments company spins off from eBay. Schulman has elevated two executives, Hill Ferguson and Bill Ready, to posts running the company's…

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    Five Spreadsheet Skills Every Person in Business Needs

    2nd March 2015 15:41

     Five Spreadsheet Skills Every Person in Business Needs Even in the day of advanced technology and unbounded creativity, a tool so basic as a simple spreadsheet is one any businessperson should take advantage of. A lot of people don’t. The barriers, of course, are not intelligence or lack of resources; no, the barriers are time and breadth of knowledge. There’s just so much and not enough time. Where to start? Right here. These are the spreadsheet skills that aid me…

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    Google+ Is Poised For A Big Breakup

    2nd March 2015 15:05

    Some major restructuring is going on at Google+, and it looks like it's the end of the social network as we know it—if that label was ever appropriate in the first place. Long-time Google VP Bradley Horowitz has announced that he's taking the management reins from David Besbris and splitting Google+ into separate services called Photos and Streams at the same time.For the moment, details on exactly what that means are thin on the ground. Photos is fairly obviously the…

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    10 Life-Changing, Time-Saving, Digital Marketing Chrome Extensions

    2nd March 2015 14:51

    Are you one of those people who often finds themselves short on time, no matter what you do (like me)? Yes? Then you will love this list. read more

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    Smartwatch Innovation Runs Riot: Meet The Freaky Fridayish Neptune Duo

    2nd March 2015 14:00

    The smartwatch era is still in its infancy, but some companies are already pushing the limits of innovation into downright weirdness. Exhibit A could be the just-announced Neptune Duo—a smartwatch that thinks it's a phone, paired with a smartphone that seems to think it's a brick.The Duo's main attraction is the “Hub,” a highly stylized smartwatch equipped with a SIM card—not unlike the Samsung Gear S from late last year—that lets users make calls, receive texts, and browse the Internet…

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