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    Russian Foreign Minister Threatens Ukraine, Then Takes Selfie

    23rd April 2014 20:28

    One minute he’s warning Ukraine of its annihilation, the next he’s taking a selfie. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday said Kiev had failed to live up to its side of the peace bargain — and then smiled for Russia Today’s Sophie Shevardnadze's camera. See also: The World According to Vladimir Putin Speaking on the interview program SophieCo, Lavrov warned Ukraine against taking military action in the country’s east — or else "If our interests, our legitimate interests, the…

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    Is A Business Degree Necessary To Become A CEO?

    23rd April 2014 17:41

    Is A Business Degree Necessary To Become A CEO? Thousands of students may earn a business degree or even a MBA degree annually but few will end up becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Let’s face it; not everyone is cut out for running a million or even billion dollar enterprise. The hours are long and stressful not to mention the heavy workloads and intense pressure. However for those who reach this pinnacle of success the rewards may…

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    Blur Wars: Google's Camera App vs. The iPhone 5S And A Real Camera

    23rd April 2014 17:40

    You know when a photo has that fuzzy background thing going on and the subject is sharp while the rest looks all dreamy? That technique, usually achieved by setting a camera’s controls to a wide aperture—the smaller the f-stop number, the bigger the aperture—remains one of the easiest shortcuts to a photo that makes people go ooh. Not one to stand by tradition, Google just released a camera app for Android that does exactly the same thing—except you can adjust…

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    HBO Is Coming To Amazon—And You Don't Need To Be A HBO Subscriber

    23rd April 2014 17:17

    Amazon on Wednesday announced a licensing agreement with HBO, which will bring a number of premium shows to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Service and bring the HBO Go mobile app to the company’s new Fire TV set-top streaming box, which was announced and released earlier this month. "As owners of our original programming, we have always sought to capitalize on that investment. Given our longstanding relationship with Amazon, we couldn't think of a better partner to entrust with this valuable…

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    The Company That Eats Together Stays Together

    23rd April 2014 17:10

      There are many gimmicks a company can employ to keep its staff happy and encourage interaction. Some companies take their staff out for team building days, but here at Expert Market we use these top tips to keep our staff working well together. 1)      Ensure your staff have common traits Of course when we hire at Expert Market we look for candidates who we think can do the job. But we also look for those who share the same…

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    My Fish Just Sent Me A Text Message

    23rd April 2014 16:14

    The Internet of Things makes it easy for us to monitor our homes. Today I’m taking that concept one step further—getting our homes to report back to us.  In early March, I wrote about using Raspberry Pi to quantify my fish tank—in short, I taught the $35 single-board computer to monitor the temperature of my home aquarium no matter where I was in the apartment. Of course, the limitations of this project were clear: I could only keep tabs on…

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    The Facebook Effect: WhatsApp Is Well On Its Way To A Billion Users

    23rd April 2014 15:39

    In just two months since Facebook dropped $19 billion to buy WhatsApp, the five-year-old mobile messaging app on Tuesday announced its active user base has grown to more than half a billion people. On February 17, the day it was acquired by Facebook, the company said it had 450 million monthly active users worldwide and over 320 million daily active users. “In the last few months, we’ve grown fastest in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia, and our users…

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    Joomla Plugin Constructor Backdoor

    23rd April 2014 14:45

    We recently wrote about backdoors in pirated commercial WordPress plugins. This time it will be a short post about an interesting backdoor we found in a Joomla plugin. It was so well organized that at first we didn’t realize there was a backdoor even though we knew something was wrong. Here’s what the code ofRead More

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    Cancel The Funeral For The Mobile Web—It's Not Dead Yet

    23rd April 2014 14:05

    Guest author Alex Salkever is head of product marketing and business development at Silk.co. This piece first appeared on his Tumblr. The venture capitalist and former entrepreneur Chris Dixon recently lamented the growing dominance of mobile apps as evidence that the open Web is on its deathbed. His logic went something like this: App use is crowding out use of the open Web on mobile devices App stores arbitrarily block whole classes of applications (i.e., Apple’s ban on Bitcoin-related apps) A "rich…

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    You Can Now Run Beta Versions Of Apple’s OS X—For Free

    23rd April 2014 12:55

    People love trying out new Apple software before it’s fully baked, and the company knows it. That’s why Apple on Tuesday announced the OS X Beta Seed Program, which allows anyone to download and install pre-release Mac software for the sake of testing and submitting feedback before the public launch. Until Tuesday, Apple charged users $99 a year to test out new OS X software—doing so required a paid-up developer account. (Testing new iPhone software still requires a separate developer…