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    Rovio CEO Passes Torch as 'Angry Birds' Maker Falters

    29th August 2014 18:19

    Rovio CEO Mikael Hed, who helped found the company five years ago, is stepping down at the beginning of next year, the Angry Birds maker announced Friday morning. Hed will be succeeded by Pekka Rantala, who currently serves as the company's chief commercial officer, on Jan. 1, 2015. Hed will remain on Rovio's board of directors; he'll also serve as chairman of the company's animation division The company referred to the transfer as "passing the hoodie" in its press release,…

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    Google Challenges Amazon's Drone Delivery Program With Project Wing

    29th August 2014 16:22

    Google has been secretly testing delivery by drone, the company announced Thursday.A team of engineers at Google X, the technology company’s long-range research lab, safely carried out more than 30 1-kilometer test flights this month. The deliveries, consisting of items ranging from a chocolate bar to first aid, took place in Queensland, Australia to avoid the Federal Aviation Administration’s strict U.S. restrictions on drones.See also: Why Commercial Drones Are Stuck In Regulatory LimboNow that Amazon has almost convinced the world…

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    You give and I take and take and take and take

    29th August 2014 16:06

    The question of “what drives the economy” will garner many different ideas, theories and speculations from whom ever you ask however, the answer of “debt” is rarely among them. It's a fact I find fascinating considering our economy has fundamentally become a debt selling pyramid scheme:  “A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participant’s payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or…

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    What Sort Of Man Shares Playboy? (He Friends His Mom On Facebook)

    29th August 2014 15:31

    Playboy relaunched its website on Wednesday, and one thing's for sure. This isn't your grandpappy's gentleman's magazine. Well, obviously. It's on the Internet—as opposed to a moldy box in the garage or hastily stuffed under your mattress where you shamefully hope Mom doesn't find it. As such, Playboy.com is ready for its Facebook close-up, fully clothed and safe-for-work (or SFW, as the kids say). Just in case you want to share its family-friendly content on any social network where Mom might…

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    Friday Fun: Build Your First Chrome Extension

    29th August 2014 15:01

    Google Chrome is the most popular Web browser in the world. Part of its appeal comes from its ability to let you fully customize your browsing experience with a slew of extensions. Extensions are small, lightweight programs that personalize your Chrome installation with new features. You’ve probably already downloaded an extension or two. But did you know it’s almost as easy to build your own? Chrome extensions are written in a relatively beginner-friendly language—JavaScript—and require only two files to function.…

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    Intersolar 2014: Shaping the solar market of the future

    29th August 2014 14:55

    The leading international exhibition for the solar industry, Intersolar Europe, took place this month and LG Solar pulled out all the stops to showcase its latest products and innovations. More than a 1,000 exhibitors from countries all over the world presented state-of-the-art industry solutions, ranging from photovoltaics (PV) technology to energy storage. The exhibition not only gave an insight into upcoming market trends in the European solar market, such as solar thermal technologies and renewable heating systems, but also gave…

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    How Twitch And YouTube Are Making Video Games A Big Business

    29th August 2014 14:01

    Mark this moment: Watching people play video games has become a big business, with Amazon, Google, Disney, and others vying for a piece of the action.Call it livestream gaming: Top players record themselves playing popular titles and delivering commentary—or compete against each other in big, live, arena-style events. By turning video games from a solitary living-room obsession into shared events, livestream gaming is letting advertisers tap into a hard-to-reach demographic of mostly young men.The Game Is AfootThat means a huge influx…

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    Why Doesn't Your Government Run Like This?

    29th August 2014 13:02

    Imagine your company got a 90% approval rating on its latest app. You'd be rich, right? Now imagine that your government got a 90% approval rating on anything, like passport approval or paying a parking violation or ... well, anything.No, really. Stop laughing.In the UK, a slew of changes to how technology is delivered has upended decades of dissatisfaction with government services. So much so, in fact, that one recent service upgrade netted a 90% approval rating from citizens.What's going…

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    Optimism and sales growing in UK’s retail sector

    29th August 2014 12:43

    A confident increase in UK high street sales looks to continue and retailers are more optimistic about future sales than they have been for 12 years, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).   read more

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    How to use momentum to deliver spectacular business performance

    29th August 2014 12:00

    Momentum is widely talked about in the sporting, political and financial world. John Stein, founder of the winning (formula)®, explains the significance of using momentum to inspire others on the business growth journey.     Momentum is often talked about in the sporting, political and financial world as a vitally important requirement to achieving high levels of performance. Winning streaks are often directly linked to momentum.   In the constantly changing commercial landscape facing organisations’ today, more and more leaders…