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    Why Web Tools Like AngularJS Need To Keep Breaking Themselves

    30th October 2014 16:54

    As the line between native and Web applications increasingly blurs, more developers are turning to Web application frameworks like AngularJS. AngularJS, developed and open sourced by Google, has been especially hot, whether measured by general interest, jobs, or open source contributions, largely due to its ease of use. See also: Ember, Angular and Backbone—Which Web Framework Is Best For You?But not everyone is happy. According to AngularJS critic-in-residence Danny Tuppeny, the AngularJS development community has "lost its marbles" of late. But…

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    Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

    30th October 2014 14:45

    Tim Cook is gay and proud of it, the Apple CEO revealed in a personal essay published Thursday by Bloomberg Businessweek. While he'd been silent on the matter of his sexual orientation for years, the CEO said he'd waited so long because he wanted to keep the focus on Apple's products, not himself.However, Cook said he decided to speak up in order to support other gays and lesbians with less visibility. For years, I’ve been open with many people about my…

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    How cloud developers are disrupting the world of analytics

    30th October 2014 14:17

    We live in a world that requires us to compete on our differential use of time and information, yet only a fraction of information workers today have access to the analytical capabilities they need to make better decisions. Now, with the advent of a new generation of embedded business intelligence (BI) platforms, cloud developers are disrupting the world of analytics. They are using these new BI platforms to inject more “intelligence” into the applications business people use every day. For…

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    BlackBerry Goes Back To The Future With Its "BlackBerry Classic"

    30th October 2014 14:00

    To salvage its business, BlackBerry's exciting new strategy is to deliver a modern smartphone … circa 2006. It sounds like a joke, but the company's serious about its upcoming Blackberry Classic Q20, heading to the market in December.CEO John Chen took to his company's blog on Wednesday hoping to appeal to the BlackBerry faithful. He wrote, "The things you remember about BlackBerry that made you better are better than ever with BlackBerry Classic.” They really do need to be better. A lot is…

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    Nintendo Just Wants To Watch You Sleep

    30th October 2014 13:46

    Game company Nintendo has developed a fatigue and sleep deprivation sensor (via GameSpot) that functions without ever touching your body. Instead, Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata says, the sensor can be placed on a nightstand to monitor you while you sleep. Its hands-free approach to health tracking has the company calling the device the first of its kind. These are the first details we’ve heard about Nintendo’s "quality of life" suite of products, due to be released in 2016. See also: Nintendo’s Next…

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    Microsoft Unveils Health Platform And $199 Fitness Band

    30th October 2014 13:12

    Apple’s got HealthKit. Google’s got Google Fit. Now Microsoft is is entering the fitness technology ring with the just announced Microsoft Health.The company describes Microsoft Health as a platform consisting of “a cloud service for consumers and the industry to store and combine health and fitness data.” Already, Microsoft Health is compatible with UP by Jawbone, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper.See also: Apple's Health App Is An EmbarrassmentPerhaps the most interesting part of Microsoft’s announcement is the unveiling of a new…

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    Google Fit Has Its Own Ailments

    30th October 2014 13:00

    ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.Apple has some competition in the digital-fitness space, now that Google has launched Google Fit, its Android answer to the iPhone's built-in Health app.The problem is that Apple and Google seem to be competing for who can come up with the buggiest fitness software.See also: Apple's Health App Is An EmbarrassmentThis summer, both Apple and Google unveiled ways for developers to tap into sensors and connect fitness…

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    5 Ghoulish Business Blunders

    30th October 2014 11:54

    Halloween is upon us and whilst we should all be on the lookout for mythical monsters like Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, we’ve something even more terrifying for you... 5 ghoulish business blunders that did as much damage to some top brands as a well aimed axe would to a door. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s the list: Ratner slaughters his own product read more

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    The Apprentice 2014 episode four review: Fat Daddies and poor planning lead to YouTube flops

    30th October 2014 11:51

    Tweet Dr Stephen Fear, British Library's entrepreneur in residence and chairman of FearGroup.com, reviews the fourth episode in the latest series of The Apprentice. read more