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    Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong released on bail

    27th November 2014 12:43

    HONG KONG — Joshua Wong, the 18-year-old who is the best-known of the students who are leading the protests in Hong Kong, was released on bail on Thursday. Wong was taken into custody amid clashes as police moved to clear one of the three protest sites that have blocked streets in the city for nearly two months now. Wong shot to international fame (and onto the cover of Time magazine as the protests gathered steam in late September. See also:…

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    Majority of global population agrees Internet access is a human right

    27th November 2014 11:57

    The United Nations Human Rights Council officially declared Internet access and online freedom of expression a human right in July 2012. According to the results of an extensive survey published this week, the majority of the world's citizens agree. The CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, commissioned by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and conducted by global research company Ipsos, surveyed more than 23,000 Internet users across 24 countries between Oct. 7. and Nov. 12. The…

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    Five of the most important new powers proposed for Scotland

    27th November 2014 11:50

    LONDON — A new range of powers have been recommended in Edinburgh Thursday, to give Scotland more control over key things like taxes and the voting age. See also: Newspaper Front Pages Show a Divided Scotland The recommendations have been made in a report by the Smith Commission, which was set up following a "No" vote in the Scottish independence referendum in September. Headed by Lord Smith of Kelvin, the Commission involved Scotland's five political parties. The UK government has…

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    The Dos and Don'ts of Staff Poaching

    27th November 2014 11:36

    Companies have long eyed up competitors’ talent with a view to bringing them on board to increase their own competitiveness.  However this activity is fraught with danger in terms of potential legal consequences.  There are many dos and don’ts of staff poaching. If a company has an eye on a competitor’s employee there are potential ways that they can be recruited.  They could be approached direct, but another method could be to use a headhunter or executive search company. These…

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    Outlaw terms over 30 days to end the scourge of late payment, says campaign group

    27th November 2014 11:21

    Payment terms over 30 days should be banned and the fines imposed tardy payers should be strengthened, a trade body for the self-employed has claimed in a new report aimed at tackling the problems of late payment. In its study, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) said the government needs to simplify the resolution of late payment disputes and provide legal mechanisms to prevent it happening in the first place. read more

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    The Apprentice 2014 episode eight review: The art of blagging, listening and mirroring

    27th November 2014 10:23

    Tweet Charlotte Fantelli, an award winning entrepreneur, film producer and director, reviews the latest episode of BBC TV's The Apprentice. To find out more about Charlotte, visit www.charlottefantelli.co.uk. read more

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    Londoners chant 'hands up don't shoot' as Ferguson protests spread

    26th November 2014 23:39

    Protesters gathered at the U.S. Embassy in London on Wednesday in the latest solidarity demonstration to spring up in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision While protests spread like wildfire across the U.S. on Monday and Tuesday, activists across the Atlantic have now taken to the streets. Hundreds gathered at the U.S. Embassy in London on Wednesday night before marching through the city. See also: Anger echoes across U.S. in nationwide Ferguson protests Calls for police accountability erupted…

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    Richard Sherman takes NFL to task over Marshawn Lynch fines

    26th November 2014 23:21

    Richard Sherman has never shied away from talking to the press. But after teammate Marshawn Lynch was fined $100,000 last week for falling short of a league-mandated quota for media appearances, Sherman blasted the NFL for its policies in a creative way. At a weekly meeting with reporters, the outspoken Seahawks cornerback put on a skit of sorts with Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who spent the press conference crouched behind a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself Their parody routine…

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    19 animals suspiciously shaped like Thanksgiving turkeys

    26th November 2014 23:00

    The smell of Thanksgiving is in the air as families prep for the annual food-centric holiday. But before you pop that turkey in the oven, take a second look — that delicious, picture-perfect Thanksgiving turkey may actually be your adorable pet. See also: We microwaved a turkey and it was actually pretty good The excitement surrounding the upcoming feast combined with extreme hunger may alter your vision, so please proceed with caution. Just check out these near-misses. Have something to…

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    Lucasfilm confirms 'Star Wars' trailer will be online as well

    26th November 2014 22:41

    If you're the kind of committed Star Wars fan who was planning an hours-long roundtrip to the nearest of 30 North American theaters showing an 88-second teaser trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" this weekend, you can stand down now Lucasfilm confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the trailer would also appear on iTunes on Black Friday, by dropping a tweet to that effect: The Force is with you on #BlackFriday when #TheForceAwakens teaser hits @iTunesTrailers. — Star Wars (@starwars) November…