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    Foursquare's App Debuts A New Look—But You Can't Download It Yet

    23rd July 2014 18:29

    Foursquare's transition from one app to two completely different services is a slow one. Like a child getting used to a cold pool one foot at a time, Foursquare is gradually rolling out each new app.Today, the company unveiled a new logo and a new design for its flagship Foursquare app, revealing what it will look like once the check-in is ripped out and placed in Swarm, the location-based social app the company released in May. The new app isn't…

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    Apple Confirms iOS Backdoors, But Calls Them "Diagnostic Capabilities"

    23rd July 2014 17:56

    Apple acknowledged that its iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads contains several previously undisclosed "diagnostic capabilities"—services that an iOS forensics expert recently described as "backdoors" that could allow broad access to a user's personal data on those devices under certain circumstances.See also: Those "Backdoors" In Apple's iOS—What You Need To KnowThe issue involves problematic iOS services identified several months ago by Jonathan Zdziarski, the forensics expert who is also a one-time iOS jailbreaker and the author of several books…

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    What Microsoft's "One Windows" Really Means

    23rd July 2014 17:55

    Windows will soon be one operating system across PCs and mobile devices. Or so read the breathless headlines after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on the company’s quarterly earnings call that Microsoft will merge its different variants of Windows into one platform.“We will streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes,” Nadella said.The problem is that this isn’t exactly true. Neither is it a new announcement from…

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    Duolingo Wants To Make It Easier For People To Get Jobs And An Education

    23rd July 2014 17:04

    Duolingo, a popular online language education service, is making it easier for students and job-seekers to receive English language certification with the introduction of its new app, Test Center.Language certification is necessary for some visas, universities and job applications. But the costs can be prohibitive, especially in countries where monthly incomes average at just few hundred dollars.For a flat rate of $20, Test Center allows users to test for and receive accredited English language certification online or through a mobile…

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    MailPoet Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild – Breaking Thousands of WordPress Sites

    23rd July 2014 16:29

    A few weeks ago we found and disclosed a serious vulnerability on the MailPoet WordPress Plugin. We urged everyone to upgrade their sites immediately due to the severity of the issue. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to inject anything they wanted on the site, which could be used for malware injections, defacement, spam and manyRead More

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    YouTube Is Chasing Hollywood—But It Should Worry About Its Homegrown Stars

    23rd July 2014 15:01

    In her keynote address at VidCon, YouTube's unofficial, annual convention, Susan Wojcicki, the Google executive who took over the video site this year, looked over a packed audience at the Anaheim Convention Center. Many of the people seated there were a special breed of YouTube users—the people YouTube calls "creators," the video artists who long ago graduated from uploading bedroom webcam confessionals to making a real business and drawing their own fan base, sometimes in the millions.Wojcicki said all the…

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    8 Things You Need To Know About The Amazon Fire Phone

    23rd July 2014 12:55

    Amazon’s habit for gadget-making now seems like a full-blown addiction—and its latest fix is the all-new Fire Phone.Since the company first got into hardware in 2007, it has debuted a range of gadgets, starting with a varied line of Kindle e-readers, expanding to its Kindle Fire tablets in 2011 and then to its Kindle Fire TV streaming box earlier this year. Now it can scratch “smartphone” off its list. See also: Firefly Hands-On: 7 Ways Amazon's Fire Phone Captures The Real…

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    How to double your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    23rd July 2014 12:31

    Here's the ultimate social media marketing infographic courtesy of Who Is Hosting This.  

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    The characteristics and leadership benefits of a great business journey

    23rd July 2014 12:25

    Great leaders create great journeys. John Stein, founder of the winning (formula)®, explains the significance of the journey in helping to deliver business growth and future success. read more

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    Wages set to increase for the UK’s self-employed

    23rd July 2014 11:45

    Self-employed workers in Britain are bucking the stagnant wage trend, as day rates are expected to rise in the next 12 months, according to a poll of UK freelancers.    The survey, commissioned by industry body PCG, found that a general skills shortage has increased the need for contractors, resulting in a knock-on effect on their expected wages. Almost a third of contractors found more work in the last quarter and anticipated a wage increase in the next year.  …