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    Yahoo Japan Launches Service to Manage Your Digital Presence After Death

    22nd July 2014 22:50

    Yahoo Japan launched a new service uniquely designed to serve the country's large population of elderly people, by tidying up their digital footprints after they die Called Yahoo Ending, the service enables users to close their Yahoo Japan account, and have a final message sent to up to 200 pre-registered email addresses of family and friends, once their death has been confirmed See also: Facebook Will Make 'Look Back' Videos for Deceased Users In addition to erasing any data in…

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    Apple Denies Security Researcher's Claims of iOS 'Backdoor'

    22nd July 2014 22:22

    For the second time in less than two weeks, Apple is defending itself against claims that call into question the security of iOS. The company has denied a security researcher's claims that iOS has a "backdoor" that enables third parties to potentially gain access to users' personal data. See also: Hard Proof That Wiping Your Phone Doesn't Actually Delete Everything The researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski, detailed the alleged security flaws in a presentation at the Hope X security conference and in…

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    U.S. Officials: Russia Was Not Directly Involved in Shooting Down Plane

    22nd July 2014 22:08

    Senior U.S. intelligence officials said Russia is responsible for "creating the conditions" that led to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but there's no evidence that the Russian government was directly involved in the shooting. The unnamed intelligence officials said Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine likely shot down the plane with an SA-11 surface-to-air missile. While they confirmed that Russia has been arming the separatists for months, the officials didn't provide proof that the missile used to shoot down…

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    Russia Lays Out Its MH17 Evidence: 6 Questions It Can't Answer

    22nd July 2014 22:03

    The international community has increasingly settled on the U.S. government's assertion that pro-Russian rebels are responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 And while senior U.S. intelligence officials said on Tuesday they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, officials said that Russia "created the conditions" for the downing by arming the separatists. Putin, as a result, is a pariah as the European Union imposes additional sanctions against his inner…

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    LinkedIn Buys B2B Marketing Firm Bizo for $175 Million

    22nd July 2014 21:47

    LinkedIn on Tuesday announced it is buying Bizo, a B2B marketing firm, for about $175 million. The transaction is a combination of 10% stock and 90% cash. It is expected to close in the third quarter Formed in 2008, Bizo provides software and services that let B2B customers reach their target audiences online within professional segments. The platform also lets marketers adjust their messaging as the target customer moves through the purchase funnel. Some 120 million professionals use Bizo's platform.…

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    Apple Reports Revenue of $37.4 Billion in Q3, Missing Estimates

    22nd July 2014 21:42

    Apple posted a better than expected profit for the third quarter, but overall revenue and iPad sales came in a bit light, raising concerns among analysts Apple reported earnings of $1.28 per share on revenue of $37.4 billion for the June quarter, beating Wall Street estimates for earnings of $1.23 per share but missing on revenue of $37.99 billion. See also: Apple Is Starting to Get Exciting Again The company sold 35.2 million iPhones during the quarter, up from 31.2…

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    Microsoft Beats Q4 Revenue Expectations But Earnings Fall Short

    22nd July 2014 21:11

    Microsoft announced quarterly earnings on Tuesday that met revenue expectations, but missed on earnings. The company's shares initially fell in after-hours trading but rebounded to trade slightly higher. The company reported $23.38 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $0.55. Analysts had been expecting around $23 billion in revenue and earnings of about $0.60 per share See also: Cloud Wars: It’s Real, It’s Happening and It’s Awesome The report is Satya Nadella's second as CEO of Microsoft after taking…

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    Xiaomi's Mi 4 Smartphone Unlocks With the Tap of a Fitness Tracker

    22nd July 2014 21:05

    Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi launched its fourth-generation smartphone on Tuesday, swapping its signature neon plastic casing for a metal finish and overall classier look Retailing at $322, the Mi 4 comes in only two flavors this time around (black and white, with wooden covers available) and a full HD 5-inch display. The Android-based Mi 4 runs on a 2.5GHz Qualmcomm Snapdragon 801, an Adreno 330 graphics processor and a 13-megapixel camera. See also: Apple's 'iTime' Patent Hints at Possible iWatch Features…

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    An Artist Built a Working Microscope Using Only Legos

    22nd July 2014 20:53

    Artist Carl Merriam has built a fully functional microscope using only Lego parts. Merriam, who is known for his intricate Lego renderings of mythical creature Cthulhu and other custom creations, submitted the microscope concept to Lego Ideas, an effort by the Lego Group to crowdsource, build out and distribute new designs See also: 17 Practical Uses for Lego in Your Everyday Life Submissions must have the support of 10,000 users who can log onto the Lego site and vote for…

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    Show Us the Best Vacation Spots for Reading a Good Book

    22nd July 2014 20:17

    You can't leave for vacation without packing a good book That's especially true when the book is about vacation. This month, MashableReads — Mashable's social book club — is reading The Vacationers by Emma Straub, which details the misadventures of one New York-based family while they are on a summer getaway in Spain. See also: 10 Vacation Reads for a Literary Summer Thinking about The Vacationers and summer getaways made us wonder about the best vacation spots for reading. For…