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    Salesforce CEO slams Indiana law letting businesses reject gay customers

    26th March 2015 21:01

    Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is taking a strong stand against a controversial Indiana bill signed into law Thursday that could allow businesses to turn away LGBT customers in the name of religious freedom Benioff announced on Twitter that the San Francisco-based cloud computing giant will no longer send employees or customers to Indiana and will "dramatically reduce" its investments to the state in response. A letter to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence opposing the law was signed by Benioff and other…

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    Hiker's incredible transformation captured in selfies over 2,600 mile journey

    26th March 2015 20:45

    The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,600 mile path from the Mexican border and up to British Columbia. Over a period of five months, photographer Andy Davidhazy hiked its entirety, stopping each mile to take a selfie. He then created a time-lapse video of each of the 2,660 selfies he'd taken along the way. The change in the landscape, scenery and Davidhazy's weight and facial hair are incredible to watch in just under five minutes. When all was said and…

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    Oculus Rift Is Coming, And Facebook Wants It To Be Your New Reality

    26th March 2015 20:40

    A wise man once said that reality is "simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." Oculus, the virtual reality harbinger now owned by Facebook, agrees. And it wants you to believe it too, so you can accept virtual reality as a new form of reality."VR is more than just another platform," Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash said at the F8 conference Thursday. "In the long run it has the potential to create the whole range of human experience. Virtual reality done right…

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    6 things to know ahead of the UK election's first big TV event

    26th March 2015 20:38

    LONDON — The first thing to get out of the way is that this isn't a debate. It's a grilling of both party leaders, separately, by a host and audience UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband will appear Thursday evening in the joint Channel 4 and Sky News Battle For Number 10 broadcast. Cameron ruled out a head-to-head debate earlier this month See also: From pirates to a pub landlord, the fringe parties looking for…

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    It May Have A Billion Users, But YouTube Isn't A Sure Thing Just Yet

    26th March 2015 20:24

    Since it launched to the public at the end of 2005 (the very first video is still online), YouTube has come to dominate online video in a way that few businesses manage to dominate anything on the Web. Today, it boasts more than a billion users, who are uploading more than 300 hours of video every minute and generating billions of views every single day.So far, so rosy—but YouTube isn't exactly the home run that these figures might suggest it…

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    16 queso recipes to put some spice in your snack game

    26th March 2015 20:15

    No basketball game is complete without snacks, and queso is a staple in sports fan food groups. The spicy, velvety dip is most classically enjoyed when combining chile and cheese, but there are plenty of ways to enhance your queso with a few additional ingredients See also: 8 lip-smacking chicken wing recipes In honor of the Sweet 16, Ro*Tel shared a few recipes that will take your queso dip from court-side basic to a slam dunk Read more... More about…

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    Dragon boat tug of war is Poland's newest sports craze

    26th March 2015 20:07

    There's a new sports craze sweeping Poland, and it looks super fun Like an aquatic version of tug of war for adults, all you need to play is 12 burly people and one dragon boat (which is like a competitive rowboat, but twice as wide). There's no official English name for the sport yet, but may we suggest "paddle wars" or "tug of oar"? Day two of F8 in 2 minutes Ed Sheeran showed up at a wedding and sang…

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    Airlines change cockpit policies after deadly crash

    26th March 2015 20:04

    Airlines were reassessing their safety policies on Thursday after investigators said a Germanwings co-pilot had locked his colleague out of the cockpit as he forced Flight 9525 into the side of a mountain, killing all 150 people on board. Norwegian Air, easyJet and Air Canada have all announced they will change their policies to require that two crew members be in the cockpit at all times. If a pilot leaves — to go to the bathroom, for example, as investigators…

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    Yemen's president flees abroad as country teeters on brink of collapse

    26th March 2015 19:54

    Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi escaped to the capital of Saudi Arabia on Thursday after fleeing the southern Yemeni city of Aden ahead of an advance by rebels trying to take over the country, Saudi state TV reported Yemen was thrown into even greater turmoil Thursday morning after Saudi Arabian fighter jets blasted Yemeni rebels in an attempt to stop the rebel advance. Saudi intervention threatens to widen the internal Yemeni conflict into a regional battle that could potentially…

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    The legend of Sauce Castillo: TV glitch spawns NBA's best nickname

    26th March 2015 19:49

    Nik Stauskas is no more. There is only "Sauce Castillo." This is the story of how a TV closed-captioning glitch spawned the NBA's greatest nickname See also: A YouTube Legend Battles for His Basketball Future Stauskas, a Sacramento Kings rookie from Michigan averaging four points per game, hit a three-pointer against the 76ers on Tuesday night. That much is normal But it seems closed captioning on the play-by-play broadcast somehow translated his name to — yes, indeed — Sauce Castillo.…