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    Silicon Valley gets slim pickings from Obama on immigration

    21st November 2014 19:54

    Silicon Valley leaders watched U.S. President Barack Obama's immigration reform speech on Thursday, hoping that he would help tech companies by expanding visa and green card programs — but they had no such luck Obama's announcement included deportation protection for 5 million undocumented immigrants, but his plan will not do much for college-educated immigrants who come to the U.S. looking to jumpstart their careers See also: Immigration reform: What's happening and why it matters Silicon Valley wants to increase the…

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    One Direction's 'Night Changes' video will make you swear off dating

    21st November 2014 19:11

    Self-proclaimed "Directioners" have dreamed of one day finally embarking on a romantic date with one (or all) of the One Direction bandmates With the group's new music video for "Night Changes," Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall make those dreams a virtual reality. And it's way creepier than expected. See also: Danny DeVito Is the Best Part of One Direction's Odd 'Steal My Girl' Video The video, which dropped Friday but was teased extensively on YouTube over the past week,…

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    Adorable giant panda can bear-ly contain all the snow day feels

    21st November 2014 18:43

    As winter creeps up and leaving the house becomes progressively more treacherous, we all need a pick-me-up. Da Mao, a giant panda at the Toronto Zoo, is here to save the day He could hardly contain his excitement and took full advantage of his #Snovember snow day. Check out Da Mao above, slipping, sliding, and tumbling the winter blues away, and then throw on your boots and get to it. Video: YouTube, Toronto Zoo Poo-Pourri is back to remind us…

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    Politicians gear up for 2016 after Obama's immigration announcement

    21st November 2014 18:40

    U.S. President Barack Obama's Thursday night address to the nation announcing his executive actions on immigration reform captured national attention and drew an instant response from politicians. Republicans criticized Obama for changing his tune on immigration reform, while Democrats applauded him, with some even urging further action See also: Immigration reform: What's happening and why it matters With 2016 on the horizon, check out this interactive map to see how the country's most influential political leaders weighed in: Have something…

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    Why The Hortonworks IPO Could Jeopardize Other Big Data Companies

    21st November 2014 18:35

    We're finally going to get a Big Data IPO, with Hortonworks filing its S-1 this month. Yet I'm not hearing much cheering from the people who have the most to gain in the short term: venture capitalists. In fact, over the course of the last two weeks, I've talked with a number of VCs and each of them has expressed the same concern:Hortonworks filed to go public way too early.Given its still shaky financials, the risk isn't merely that Hortonworks…

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    Watch Kim Kardashian blow snow out of her butt

    21st November 2014 17:55

    Here, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the only good things that Jimmy Kimmel has contributed to the Internet: Kim Kardashian blowing snow out of her butt Since Los Angeles doesn't have snow (they have celebrities instead), Kimmel decided to turn Kim K.'s bootylicious Paper Magazine cover into a snowblower. It's second only to the Kardashian coffee (koffee?) hack. See also: Kim Kardashian's butt breaks the Internet with memes We'd be shocked if Kris Jenner didn't have this on the…

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    Mark Ruffalo and Stephen Merchant play boozy musical chairs

    21st November 2014 17:24

    Jimmy Fallon just made musical chairs infinitely more entertaining — and alcohol-filled On Thursday's Tonight Show, Fallon introduced the game Musical Beers to the world. Think red solo cups filled with beer in the place of chairs Mark Ruffalo and Stephen Merchant of HBO's Hello Ladies were the first two guinea pigs for the game, and in no time, turned the set into a raging frat party Do not stand in the way of Ruffalo and his beer. Adorable giant…

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    The ugly Christmas sweater business is worth millions

    21st November 2014 17:15

    As an avid sports fan and the owner of Forever Collectibles, a sports memorabilia company in Somerset, N.J., Michael Lewis has seen his share of over-the-top apparel. Still, he wasn’t prepared for what he encountered last Dec. 20, when he came to work and found dozens of employees wearing garish sweaters covered in lights, bells, and ornaments. “It really hit me like a brick, because one outfit was more hideous than the next,” he says. It turns out it was…

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    From Bottom Burn to Bonkle, new map shows Britain's rudest place names

    21st November 2014 17:09

    LONDON — We've always known Britain had some odd and often rude place names, but this is ridiculous. A new map has collated all of the more — shall we say — challenging names across the country, taking out the conventional towns and cities, and leaving just the more profane. So Bristol is absent, but Butt Mound is clearly marked. You won't find Glasgow, but Gusset shouldn't be a problem. See also: London's first cereal cafe will serve more than…

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    A bus powered by human poop is up and running in the UK

    21st November 2014 17:08

    Ms. Frizzle would be so proud. A bus powered by biomethane gas, which is generated through the treatment of human and food waste, made its maiden voyage in England this month. So, essentially, it's a poop bus. It runs on poop. See also: 17 DIY Bathroom Hacks to Make Your Experience Less Crappy The "Bio-Bus" seats 40 passengers and can travel up to 186 miles on one tank of the smelly stuff. The amount of biomethane gas it takes to…