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    Microsoft pulls Xbox One under the Windows 10 umbrella

    4th March 2015 21:29

    Microsoft just moved one step closer to bringing Windows and Xbox gaming together. The Xbox Live SDK, which allows developers to build Xbox One-compatible apps, is now beginning to roll out to game developers Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced the news Wednesday during a session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco See also: 40 video games we can't wait to see in 2015 It's unclear when the new SDK, which is currently being used by a…

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    2 Chainz smokes what may be the world's most expensive joint

    4th March 2015 21:20

    Rapper 2 Chainz likes flashy things. And he also likes weed — a lot. So of course he exercised his love for lavishness by smoking the world's most expensive weed rolled up in ridiculously extravagant 24-karat gold rolling papers. Of course, there's no way to confirm that the $800/ounce pot is the most expensive marijuana on the market, due to legality and black market of marijuana sales in most of the world. The clip is an episode of 2 Chainz's…

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    Could Saturn's moon Titan host an alternate type of life?

    4th March 2015 21:15

    In a world first, chemical engineers have taken a different look at a question astronomers and biologists have been pondering for decades: Does Saturn moon Titan host life? Of course, Titan is way too hostile for life as we know it to eke out an existence — it is a frigid world awash with liquid methane and ethane and a noxious atmosphere devoid of any liquid water. But say if there is a different kind of biology, a life as…

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    Octopus steals GoPro, snaps photos of filmmaker

    4th March 2015 21:10

    You may consider yourself a pretty good photographer, but you probably aren't as good as this thieving octopus Filmmaker and digital media producer Benjamin Savard was attempting to creating a video for the science department at Middlebury College in Vermont on Monday, when he had an odd run-in with an octopus As an experiment, Savard placed a GoPro inside a waterproof case and set it to take rapid-fire shots. He then placed the camera inside the octopus tank. But the…

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    U.S. sees more than 52,000 flight delays in last 2 weeks

    4th March 2015 21:04

    A series of winter storms streaking across the U.S. in the past two weeks resulted in a staggering 17,400 flight cancellations and 52,650 delays between Feb. 21 and March 4, as snow and ice crippled major airport hubs, from Dallas and Chicago to Atlanta The extreme winter weather, which included multiple ice storms in Dallas and snow and sleet in Atlanta — two of the world's busiest airports — helped influence airline and airport on-time rankings for the month of…

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    Documentarian is selling rare prints of Kurt Vonnegut's art to fund film

    4th March 2015 21:00

    If you've ever wanted a better look into the surrealist mind of Kurt Vonnegut, now's your chance Documentarian and longtime friend of Kurt Vonnegut Bob Weide is now selling limited-edition original artwork by the Slaughter House 5 author. See also: A Kurt Vonnegut documentary is a Kickstarter you might actually want to back "Kurt's always made gifts of his art to me," Weide recently told Mashable. "Basically all of the original artwork on our walls is from one Vonnegut or…

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    Prince was an impossibly cool junior high school basketball player

    4th March 2015 20:50

    This may be the most relatable Prince has ever been. Long before Prince became a music legend, he was just a teen from Minnesota trying to make the starting lineup on his high school basketball team See also: Orange you glad Prince became a meme at the Grammys? Minneapolis' Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany dug deep into the paper's archives, and unearthed these priceless clips on the musician's athletic past. It even includes a photo of Prince in his Bryant…

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    3 to 5 cups of coffee a day may lower risk of heart attacks

    4th March 2015 20:45

    Good news for people who drink coffee every day: Consuming a moderate amount of coffee could lower the risk of clogged arteries that can lead to a heart attack, a new study finds. The study of healthy young adults in Korea found that, compared with people who didn't drink coffee, those who drank three to five cups of java per day had a lower risk of having calcium deposits in their coronary arteries, which is an indicator of heart disease.…

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    'Have a heart': D.C. congresswoman asks police to let kids sled down Capitol Hill

    4th March 2015 20:36

    A Washington, D.C. congresswoman has called on police to let kids sled down Capitol Hill this weekend. U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton appealed to U.S. Capitol Police Board chair Frank Larkin, asking him to drop the sledding ban on Capitol Hill for the weekend. See also: Dad builds awesome backyard sledding track for his kids “This could be the last snowstorm the D.C. area gets this winter, and may be one of the best for sledding in years,” Norton said…

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    HBO's online-only service will cost $15 per month, report says

    4th March 2015 20:26

    Details about HBO's online streaming service emerged on Wednesday, including that it will be called "HBO Now" and cost $15 per month The service could launch as early as next month — just in time for the season premiere of Game of Thrones— and include availability on Apple TV, according to a report in the International Business Times. See also: HBO Go standalone service could be here in time for 'Game of Thrones' premiere The HBO Now moniker would differ…