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    9 Nearly Worthless Gadgets You're Hanging Onto for Dear Life

    30th August 2014 10:09

    You can't put a price on childhood memories, which explains why most of your favorite toys and gadgets from childhood aren't worth squat. Now, you can still make a nice profit off unopened, exceedingly well-maintained or rare items from your younger days, but the majority of your prized possessions are too new to be artifacts and too old to be useful. See also: 9 Valuable Things You Didn't Know Are Lying Around Your House Before you try to sell your…

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    What Makes for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    30th August 2014 09:38

     Firstly there's really only one thing that'll help you achieve any form of success with your crowdfunding campaign - marketing. Whilst we can all hope that the campaign goes viral through multiple media outlets, we shouldn't be leaving anything to hope - hard work and marketing is the only thing that'll make it happen. Whilst it's easy to say "marketing" is going to get your campaign funded, it's a relatively broad topic so I'm going to give you some key…

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    Slice of Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Snags $1,375 at Auction

    30th August 2014 06:54

    A Los Angeles auction house has sold a slice of cake from Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles for $1,375 The 33-year-old slice of cake was sold online by Nate D. Sanders Auctions. It is still in its original white and silver presentation box dated "Buckingham Palace 29 July 1981" and stamped with a "CD" monogram. The cake, described as "extremely rare" on the auction house's website, came with a card, which read: "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses,…

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    Every Parent Will Relate to Beyoncé's Poem About Daughter Blue Ivy

    30th August 2014 05:07

    The love Beyoncé radiates for her daughter, Blue Ivy, was on display at the MTV VMAs when the "Flawless" singer got teary-eyed while baby Blue cheered "Yeah, Mommy!" Now, the 32-year-old entertainer has penned a poem to describe this mother-daughter bond, in a four-page spread for CR Fashion Book. See also: Beyonce Sings 'Survivor' to Terminally Ill Fan to Grant Final Wish Grab a tissue, parents. Here's Beyoncé's poem, which will remind you just how much you care for your…

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    Behold, a GoPro Captures the Miracle of Pizza Making

    30th August 2014 04:40

    Pizza is arguably the best food ever created. Sure, bagels are a close second, but, come on — pizza. The crunchy crust, oozing melted cheese and endless combinations of toppings, coupled with its share-ablity and power to be delicious at any temperature makes pizza simply perfect. Thankfully, YouTuber haberdashery12 understands our love for pizza, and has documented the precious process of pizza making through the lens of a GoPro. Enjoy. Terrifying Locusts Plague Madagascar, Nobody Seems to Notice This Is…

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    Snapchat Expands 'Our Story' to All Users

    30th August 2014 04:16

    After being "blown away" at the response from Snapchatters at Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza and other music festivals to the "Our Story" feature, which pools photos and videos from live events into one feed, the photo messaging application announced Friday that it has expanded the product Now all Snapchatters, not just attendees at pre-determined events, can use Our Story. See also: 9 Things We'd Change About Snapchat "You’ll notice today that there’s a new 'Live' section beneath your Recent Updates,"…

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    29 High Contrast Photos That Use Harsh Mid-Day Light

    30th August 2014 00:24

    Light is arguably the most important factor in photography. Knowing when to avoid it, when to use it and to what extent — these are skills sought by many and mastered by few Last week, we challenged you to implement harsh mid-day light in your photographs. Though it's a difficult situation to tackle, we were incredibly impressed with what we saw "The submissions for the challenge left me in absolute awe of the vast talent that is out there," guest…

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    L.A.'s Porn Industry Is Back After Brief Moratorium

    30th August 2014 00:02

    Well, that didn't last long The Los Angeles porn industry — hamstrung by a series of roadblocks in recent years — is back in action after a self-imposed one-day moratorium on X-rated filming, prompted by an adult performer testing positive for HIV. See also: 15 Power-Washing Porn Pics for Clean Satisfaction But the Free Speech Coalition, the national trade association for the adult film industry, announced Friday that the positive test turned out to be incorrect "Production on adult film…

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    Snoop Dogg is a White Bro Named 'Todd' on Instagram

    29th August 2014 23:43

    We know, it's hard to keep up with Snoop Dogg's name changes, but from now on we can just call him "Todd". Todd, Snoop's alter ego has been taking over his Instagram, donning a white face, blond hair, peacoat, turtleneck and wire-framed glasses while promoting "White Dudes Connect," a fictional dating website. See also: Here Is 'Game of Thrones' Recapped by a Stoned Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg Obviously, White Dudes Connect is "where white guys look for fly, single…

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    Experimental Drug Healed Monkeys Infected With Ebola

    29th August 2014 23:28

    An experimental Ebola drug healed all 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus in a study, boosting hopes that the treatment might help fight the outbreak raging through West Africa — once more of it can be made. The monkeys were given the drug, ZMapp, three to five days after they were infected with the virus and when most were showing symptoms. That is several days later than any other experimental Ebola treatment tested so far. The drug also completely…