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    Of Course Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Fluent Mandarin

    22nd October 2014 22:45

    How's your week going? Been pretty good? Feeling like you're doing well at work and things are looking up? Well, Mark Zuckerberg is back again to make you feel inadequate. See also: Mark Zuckerberg vs. an Average 30-Year-Old Man The Facebook CEO participated in a 30-minute question and answer session at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday, which he posted to his public page. He did the whole thing in Mandarin. He even cracked some jokes. Post by Mark Zuckerberg.…

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    National Weather Service Satellite Data Goes Dark, Forecasts May Suffer

    22nd October 2014 22:42

    The National Weather Service has stopped receiving a full complement of important weather data from the network of weather satellites orbiting the planet for at least a day, which may make the agency's forecasts less accurate with time This is the latest in a series of technology snafus during the past few years that together point to an agency that needs some serious IT upgrades, although the agency maintains that its systems are sufficiently redundant to prevent any one outage…

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    Adrianne Palicki Looks Ready to Kick Butt as Mockingbird in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

    22nd October 2014 22:36

    Adrianne Palicki, this is the superhero you were meant to play At least, that's how it appears from the first photos of the actress in full Mockingbird mode See also: Go Behind the Set of CW's 'The Flash' On Tuesday's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Friday Night Lights alum's character, Bobbi Morse, revealed she was an undercover agent working for Coulson and, next week, she will be seen in her full costumed glory. Adrianne Palicki in her Mockingbird…

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    Miami Traveler Charged With Bomb Hoax, Causes Flight Delays

    22nd October 2014 22:32

    Reminder to airline passengers: A bomb is nothing to joke about. Sixty-year-old Manuel Alberto Alvarado learned that lesson the hard way Wednesday after joking about having explosives in his luggage when checking into his flight at Miami International Airport. He was about to board a flight to Caracas, Venezuela, on Avianca Airlines. See also: Man Travels 100,000 Miles Over 4 Years for Ultimate Proposal Alvarado's comment, which he later said was a joke, triggered safety protocols and a response from…

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    Brain-Sensor Wearable Headbands De-Stress You in Minutes

    22nd October 2014 22:26

    I'm staring at a beach and listening for seagulls in the distance. When a voice asks me to concentrate on my breathing, requesting I count in sequences of ten, I follow the command and my body starts to loosen. But then I get distracted by the sounds of ocean waves nearby. I accidentally skip a number and I'm fixated on the mistake. In response to my elevated fluster, the wind starts to pick up, and I'm told only my brain…

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    Some Genius Slowed Down Guy Fieri Eating and Set It to 'Killing Me Softly'

    22nd October 2014 22:05

    Guy Fieri has a tender relationship with food. He loves it, yearns for it and serves it at his one-star rated New York City restaurant. Now, see Fieri eat like you've never seen him eat before: in slow motion to the sensual sounds of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly." Is your mouth watering yet? If the answer is no, click replay. Filling Your Ice Machine With Candy Is the Only Kitchen Hack You Need Dreams Do Come True: Floyd Mayweather…

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    'Clash of Clans' iPad Game Almost Ruined the Royals' Season

    22nd October 2014 22:02

    Despite a 7-1 shellacking by the San Francisco Giants in game 1 of the World Series Tuesday night, the Kansas City Royals' season is going very well. They've reached the playoffs for the first time since 1985, and made it all the way to the World Series — something only they and the Giants can claim among Major League Baseball's 30 teams But back in July, things looked bad for the Royals, as the team struggled to focus and slipped…

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    The Guardian Leapfrogs New York Times in Desktop Traffic

    22nd October 2014 21:43

    En garde, New York Times. The Guardian is now the second most popular English language newspaper website in terms of desktop traffic, according to comScore. The British daily logged 42.6 million worldwide desktop uniques in September, up 12.3% from the month before; meanwhile, the Times drew 41.6 million. The data does not count mobile users. See also: Despite Paywalls, Newspapers Still Bled Red Ink in 2013 Despite trailing the Mail Online's 55.8 million unique users, Guardian editor in chief Alan…

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    Vine Challenge: Surprise Us With an Unexpected Twist

    22nd October 2014 21:30

    Everyone loves a film with a good twist — and the Vine community isn't any different. But the good thing about plot twists on the video-sharing service is that it only takes six seconds to get to the good stuff. Mashable is collaborating with Unpopular Now for this week's Vine challenge. We want you to surprise us with a creative twist in your video. See also: 10 Twitter Stories With Plot Twists You Won't See Coming "My favorite way to…

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    A Look at the 'Hellish' Costumes of 'The 100' Ahead of its Season Premiere

    22nd October 2014 21:29

    VANCOUVER, CANADA — The sun shining through the blinds of costume designer Katia Stano's workshop illuminates every particle of dust and lint floating through the air. It makes the room seem cloudy and suffocating — fitting, though, considering that's exactly the world in which the characters on CW's The 100 live It's Stano and her costume army's job to bring that dark and dreary aesthetic to the screen, a task that comes with unique challenges in the post-apocalyptic, action-packed world…