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ReadWriteWeb is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. One of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb speaks to an intelligent audience of web enthusiasts, early adopters and innovators.

ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    Surprise! Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Returns To Apple App Store

    29th July 2014 18:58

    More than six months after Apple’s controversial Bitcoin wallet ban, Blockchain is back in the App Store with a new wallet. In February, Blockchain was the only Bitcoin wallet remaining in the App Store after Apple deleted Coinbase in November 2013 and BitPak back in 2012. That is, until CEO Nicolas Cary got a message from Apple stating Blockchain had been “removed from the App Store due to an unresolved issue.” See also: Apple Deletes Blockchain, The Last Remaining Bitcoin…

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    Android's Most Popular Apps Are Lousy With Bugs, Researchers Find

    29th July 2014 15:37

    About half of the 50 most popular Android apps have vulnerabilities, and the reckless reuse of code libraries is the blame, according to the researchers who uncovered  the Heartbleed security bug. Codenomicon, the IT research firm first to publish its findings about an OpenSSL vulnerability and dubbed it “Heartbleed,” reports that Android app developers often aren’t aware of the bugs they’re propagating when copying code from third party libraries.See also: Post-Heartbleed, Open Source Gets A New Security AttitudeThe company will…

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    Could You Work A Week Without Your Phone?

    29th July 2014 15:01

    Before I tell you what it was like to go a week without my smartphone, I have a confession to make: I cheated. Not much, mind you, but when ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas asked one of his writers to take a week's vacation from my mobile devices and write about the experience, I volunteered. I thought it would be much easier than it was.It was painful.No Phone, No FunI expected to go through withdrawal pangs from my obsessive addiction to my…

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    Facebook Makes Messenger Mandatory

    29th July 2014 14:46

    Facebook’s plan to monetize Messenger through payments just got one step closer to reality. Now users who want to keep messaging their Facebook friends will be forced to download the standalone Messenger app. In the next few days, Facebook will fade out the messaging option from its main iPhone and Android apps. Now users worldwide will experience what European Facebook users underwent in April, where Facebook first tested a standalone app for messaging. The social network hasn’t exactly been subtle…

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    Snapchat's New Celebrities: Now You See Them, Now You Don't

    29th July 2014 14:00

    Not all that long ago, the rise of the YouTube celebrity was weird and daunting. Then came the age of Vine, whose stars rose to prominence in videos so fleeting they raised what then seemed an existential question: “How could you possibly get famous on the basis of six-second clips?” Next up were Instagram personalities-as-photo-celebs.Inevitably, it's now time for the most transient social media platform of them all—Snapchat, with its blink-and-you-missed-it "ephemeral" snaps—to take its turn in the spotlight. Because…

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    #AskCostolo Highlights Twitter’s Harassment Fail

    29th July 2014 11:37

    Twitter had a huge opportunity to address users’ concerns over harassment and safety on the public social network. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was interviewed on CNBC on Tuesday, and the network invited Twitter users to ask him questions about the social network with the hashtag #AskCostolo.Over 30% of the questions sent via the hashtag #AskCostolo had to do with safety on Twitter, and Costolo didn’t address them at all. Instead he answered softball questions, largely pertaining to the company’s earnings…

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    Lightning Strike Taps Bitcoin ATM For Ultimate Withdrawal

    29th July 2014 11:05

    Just days before Apple welcomed the world's most popular bitcoin wallet, Blockchain, back into its App Store, a lightning strike took out Tucson's one and only Bitcoin ATM. Coincidence? Well, obviously. But that's no comfort to Brian Williams, founder of Javelin Investments LLC and the machine's owner and operator. "It's kind of like getting punched in the face," he told azcentral.com, after a power surge possibly caused by lightning blew through Bookmans Entertainment Exchange where the ATM was housed. Before the unfortunate act of God…

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    The Google Nexus Line Is Alive And Well And (Maybe) About To Birth A Phablet

    29th July 2014 09:21

    Not only is Google not ending its Nexus line of "pure" Android devices, as Google exec David Burke told us last month, it may well be expanding it. Two reports indicate that the tech giant and ex-subsidiary Motorola have been cooking up an all-new Nexus phablet.See also: No, Google Isn't Going To Kill Its Nexus DevicesOver the weekend, Android Police reported that, after trawling through the code base at the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it found references to a…

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    Zillow Kills Competition With $3.5 Billion Trulia Deal

    28th July 2014 19:19

    It takes more than “Zestimates” and other zippy technology to make money in real-estate listings, as evidenced by the $3.5 billion in stock that Zillow agreed to drop in order to snap up its chief competitor, Trulia.The impending Trulia acquisition could centralize listings and tools for home sellers. The joined company says it will provide “advertising and software solutions that help real estate professionals grow their business.” Real-estate sites cannot dominate the Internet with lookie-loos alone; they must have advertising dollars. Now…

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    LinkedIn Updates Its App As Part Of Its Mobile Dis-Integration

    28th July 2014 17:00

    LinkedIn’s new mobile redesign, called “Blue Steel” internally, aims to make it easier to find out information about people and make connections while on mobile.The new update to the flagship LinkedIn application is the latest in a handful of updates and app launches as LinkedIn begins to fragment its services and create separate apps for separate services. There are now six different LinkedIn apps.See also: LinkedIn's Latest App Aims To Reconnect You With Your ContactsThe flagship LinkedIn app has an updated…

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    CloudFlare’s Matthew Prince: Building A Better Internet

    28th July 2014 16:00

    ReadWriteBuilders is a series of interviews with developers, designers and other architects of the programmable future.For a 100-person company founded in 2009, the tech firm Cloudflare certainly seems to have an outsized impact on the Internet.Shortly after the Heartbleed bug became public knowledge on April 9, Cloudflare decided to revoke all the digital-encryption SSL certificates it managed—a move that would prevent hackers from stealing digital identities from Web servers by exploiting  Heartbleed. When it did so, it caused a dramatic…

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    8 Soaring Videos That Reach The Edges Of Earth

    28th July 2014 15:00

    Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at <a href="http://www.popsugar.com/tech/Space-Flight-Videos-27687922">PopSugar Tech</a>.For a seventh-grade science project, 12-year-old Lauren Rojas reached for the stars—literally. Lauren sent a silver rocket bearing Hello Kitty and a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon high up into the Earth's atmosphere. After the mission's successful completion, she analyzed the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature and will present her findings on Feb. 12 at her school's science fair.In honor of Lauren's space-faring Hello…

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    The Battle Of The Block: How LinkedIn Finally Stopped The Stalkers

    28th July 2014 14:01

    When a San Francisco-based tech recruiter—we'll call her "Sally," a pseudonym—filed a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend, the court documents listed Facebook, Pinterest, and even Etsy as no-go zones for him. But it was LinkedIn that Sally was worried about. “He started following what I was doing on LinkedIn,” Sally told me. “Who I was connecting with. He was trying to track what I was doing professionally. Every day I was seeing his face on my profile."LinkedIn's basic features for connecting…

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    The Coolest Objects For Sale In Amazon’s New 3D Printing Store

    28th July 2014 11:36

    If 3D printing doesn't take off, it won’t be for Amazon’s lack of trying. Last year, it created a dedicated retail section to sell 3D printers and materials. Now it’s at it again, this time pushing actual 3D-printed goods—and feeding an ongoing debate about the role 3D printing should play in our lives. Amazon’s new 3D Printing Store launched Monday with a distinct focus on people who want to buy, not build, 3D-printed wares. Amazon already had a “3D Printers & Supplies” department which sells…

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    OkCupid's "Experiments" Are Nothing Like Facebook's Mood Study

    28th July 2014 09:25

    OkCupid’s dating trends research blog is back, reminding us again just how shallow humans are, and that our time spent on the Internet can be modified to a company’s whims.While unveiling the latest social dating data, the dating site also took a shot at critics of online research experiments, specifically Facebook’s mood study, and said that, “if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site.”The blog post published on Monday…