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ReadWriteWeb is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. One of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb speaks to an intelligent audience of web enthusiasts, early adopters and innovators.

ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    Why Open Source Is Becoming A Big Developer-Recruiting Tool

    24th October 2014 19:16

    Most companies are just coming around to the idea that open source can help lower costs and boost innovation within their organizations. But Web companies like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook understand that open source can be more: a powerful weapon for recruiting and retaining top engineering talent.See also: The Reasons Businesses Use Open Source Are Changing Faster Than You ThinkIf we believe that developers are the "new kingmakers," then the companies able to source the best developers will win. That…

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    "Surveillance Self-Defense" Is A How-To Guide For Every Level Of Online Privacy

    24th October 2014 18:41

    Whether you're a journalism student wanting to learn security tips not taught in college classrooms, or a pro at keeping communications secure, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to make your activities online even safer from prying eyes.The EFF's new project called Surveillance Self-Defense is a collection of tools and resources broken down into specific resource "playlists" for both computer types and the people using them. These include: Mac user, human rights defender, student journalist, online security veteran, and a security…

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    Apple Sent Porn To A Developer To Prove His App Could Be Used To Find Porn

    24th October 2014 18:00

    Pornographic content is forbidden in the Apple App Store, but Apple seems to be OK with sending porn to developers who submit their apps for review, according to one who received an inappropriate pic. "It turns out Apple thought the best way to tell us our app could be used to surf porn was to surf for porn using our app," Carl Smith, a Florida developer for nGen Works, wrote in a blog post on Medium (NSFW link). The email, which Smith shared…

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    Ahhh! 5 Storytelling Apps That Will Scare You Silly

    24th October 2014 16:00

    <em>Editor's Note: This piece was originally published by our partners at <a href="http://www.popsugar.com/tech/Scary-Story-Apps-25681966">PopSugarTech</a>.</em>Halloween creeps closer! The house has been cobwebbed, the candy is out, and the costume is good to go . . . so now what? Get ready for the festivities by spooking yourself and your friends silly with haunting tales of ghosts, talking dolls, and phantoms. These five hair-raising storytelling apps will frighten, startle, and disturb you into the All Hallows' Eve mood.iPoe ($4)—This interactive and illustrated Edgar…

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    Here's An Actual "Walking Simulator" For All You Smartphone Walkers

    24th October 2014 15:00

    Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen.The term "walking simulator" is often falsely applied to what I recognize, and appreciate, as "exploration games." Proteus, Gone Home, and Dear Esther are most commonly targeted with the label; it's smeared across digital stores and forums like a graffiti tag.Yet these aren't video games that place the act of walking as their central conceit. That belongs to the environment, whether a gloomy British seaside or a family…

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    With Bethany Mota, YouTube Is Doing More Than Dancing With The Stars

    24th October 2014 14:01

    Six weeks into a fierce season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, YouTube’s fashion wunderkind Bethany Mota is still going strong. Paired onstage with pro favorite Derek Hough (as well as off-stage in romantic rumors), Mota is currently ranked No. 2 in the competition’s average score chart. But as far as the Google-owned YouTube is concerned, she’s No. 1 in the video channel’s ongoing push to go mainstream. “Oh my God, LOVE HER, oh my God,” Taylor Swift tweeted with the hashtag #BAEthany soon…

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    Technically Scary: Halloween Costumes For The Modern Geek

    24th October 2014 10:02

    Surf the techno-Zeitgeist this Halloween with the latest costumes out of Silicon Valley. They're sure to wow—or alarm—your trick-or-treating technophile friends.  Apple's Hair Force OneWith his luxurious grey hair and affable smile, Apple's VP of wear is the man every girl wants ... as her dad. No wonder he's the guy Apple trusts at its product unveilings. Father knows best! Snapchat's Ghost As A Hobo (GoBo!)Snapchat photos are supposed to be as ephemeral as the ghost in the company's logo. But after…

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    AT&T Ruins Apple’s SIM Bid In War On Carrier Choice

    24th October 2014 09:42

    Apple’s first SIM just had its first arrow slung at it: AT&T has locked down the company’s new Apple-Made SIM cards in its newest line of iPads. Typically SIMs, the teensy ID cards that allow a device to be used on a cellular network, come from the carriers. But Apple now makes its own, presumably so that the devices can be used on any network.See also: What's Apple Going To Do With All Its Loose Ends?However, customers purchasing the iPad Air…

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    Hey Microsoft, Tweeting Jokes About Raises Is A Bad Idea

    23rd October 2014 20:33

    Microsoft should probably not make jokes about raises, especially when tweeted using male-gendered pronouns.On Thursday, the company tweeted out an arguably funny joke, though in the context of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's advice to women about not asking for raises and his recently disclosed $84 million salary, it was entirely tasteless.Nadella told attendees at a women in technology conference earlier this month that women should trust "karma," rather than ask for raises, even if they think they deserve them. He…

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    Facebook Takes A Stab At Anonymity With Rooms

    23rd October 2014 20:17

    Mark Zuckerberg once said, "Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity."Turns out that's not the case after all—two, or three, or any number of identities are allowed in Facebook's Rooms app. Facebook is moving away from the rule that your one and only personal identity must be shared online with friends. As people become disenchanted with connecting to parents and work friends with one Facebook profile, applications like Whisper, Secret and, in part, Snapchat, have…

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    Kickstarter Shuts Down Another Anonymous-Making Internet Router

    23rd October 2014 18:45

    Days after Kickstarter took down a campaign for Anonabox, the controversial Internet router that allegedly would keep its users anonymous, the company shut down a subsequent project that purported to fill its shoes. See also: Kickstarter Shuts Down Anonabox Amid ControversyTorFi, created by University of Michigan law graduate Jesse Enjaian and his friend David Xu, would have been a more honest incarnation of Anonabox. However, honesty doesn't seem to be the solution where Kickstarter was concerned. The company closed down…

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    New Android Wear Update Supports GPS And Offline Music Syncing

    23rd October 2014 17:02

    Google pushed out a major update for its Android Wear smartwatch software that, among other things, supports location-tracking GPS hardware and offline music syncing. All that potentially gives these gadgets useful features that will still work, even if they're not tethered to a smartphone.That’s a first for the platform, which makes this the biggest—and perhaps most important—software update for Android-powered wearable devices so far.  Sony’s latest—and unimaginatively named—Smartwatch 3 will be the first to take advantage of the new features. It started…

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    Thanks Mark Zuckerberg! Now China Knows We're Stupid

    23rd October 2014 16:35

    China, which has dozens of official languages, is now mocking Americans for being impressed by knowledge of just one.  "U.S. media wowed after Mark Zuckerberg conducts Tsinghua University Q&A in Chinese," reads a South Morning China Post headline about the Facebook CEO's Wednesday speaking engagement. "Judging by the reaction in the U.S. press, a reader would be forgiven for thinking this was the first time an American had spoken a foreign language," James Griffiths goes on to write. The story points…

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    The Fire Phone May Have Cratered, But It Hasn't Dented Amazon's Tech Delusions

    23rd October 2014 13:16

    If Jeff Bezos has taught us anything, it’s that anything Amazonian is big—including his company's e-commerce muscles, fodder for comedy and ambitions as a consumer gadgets company.Apparently, so are its flops, as well as the CEO and founder's power of denial. Because, as the spectacular failure known as the Fire Phone singes Bezos' Amazon—forcing it to take a $170 million writedown, according to the latest quarterly earnings report on Thursday—the honcho is too busy to notice. Financial news and opinions site 24/7 Wall…

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    Apple's TestFlight Launches—Now The Internet Hordes Can Test Your Apps

    23rd October 2014 12:20

    If you’re an iPhone app developer looking to have a horde of testers check out your wares before you launch, then here’s some good news: Apple launched its TestFlight Beta testing service on Thursday, which may take some of the sting out of the feedback process.As many as 1,000 people can see if your apps are up to snuff. Registered developers just email testers through the iTunes Connect portal, and the recipients follow the included link to download the official…