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ReadWriteWeb is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. One of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb speaks to an intelligent audience of web enthusiasts, early adopters and innovators.

ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    Why Is Internet Still So Slow And Expensive In The U.S.?

    22nd July 2014 20:06

    Most people in the United States can't get a decent Internet connection. That seems like a simple enough problem, but there is no easy solution. To make matters more confusing, most information floating around about broadband availability is confusing and contradictory. A lot needs to be sorted out before we get decent connections at an affordable price. Take the National Broadband Map. Many of us in the industry define true broadband as a symmetric connection with at least 100Mbps.  If you believe…

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    Researchers Won't Reveal How To Break Tor's Anonymous Web Browsing

    22nd July 2014 19:35

    Attendees of the Black Hat security conference were looking forward to finding out next month how the average person can identify people using Tor, a browser that masks the identity of users so people can do things like buy and sell drugs online and communicate privately without fear of people intercepting their chats and emails.But lawyers from Carnegie Mellon University, where the researchers work, requested that Black Hat pull the talk, Reuters reported. The speakers are researchers at the university. The talk…

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    Soylent's Secret Ingredient Isn't People—It's Excuses

    22nd July 2014 18:29

    You’ve made a huge mistake ...... is what people usually say whenever I tell them I’ve ordered the would-be food substitute Soylent. I’m starting to believe them, because an order I placed last November has yet to show up, despite promises from the company that makes it. And I'm not the only one complaining about missing Soylent.Soylent UnseenThe smoothie-like nutritional drink made waves last year when its founder claimed the vitamin-rich potion could replace eating by providing powdered versions of the…

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    Want To Make Money In Apps? Develop For Business

    22nd July 2014 17:40

    Poverty, thy name is mobile app development.According to VisionMobile’s latest survey of over 10,000 app developers, at least half of all developers make less than $500 per app per month. Sure, there are developers who make a tidy income building mobile apps, but developers are twice as likely to make nothing at all than $10,000 per month. As ReadWrite's Dan Rowinski writes, this has hollowed out the middle class of mobile app development. See also: Among Mobile App Developers, The Middle…

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    At Microsoft, The Cloud Truly Does Come First

    22nd July 2014 11:03

    Cloud first, mobile last. See also: What Microsoft's Fiercest Critics Forget: AzureThat’s about how you can sum up Microsoft’s earnings for the last quarter. Microsoft’s cloud revenue is on a steady trajectory up—$4.4 billion in the last year—as it rolls out Office 365 and Azure services to its core customers. Azure is probably the most potent weapon in Microsoft’s current arsenal, and will be the backbone of almost everything it does going forward.Mobile is a different story. Microsoft officially completed…

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    Those "Backdoors" in Apple's iOS: What You Need To Know

    22nd July 2014 10:45

    Security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski started a firestorm over the weekend when he presented findings that Apple has—apparently deliberately—created undocumented "backdoors" in its iOS operating system that third parties could use to siphon personal data from iPhones and iPads under certain circumstances without notice, much less consent of the user.Apple, meanwhile, has taken issue with Zdziarski's analysis, although its response—such as it is—falls short of a complete denial.It's a complicated issue, so here's a quick FAQ to help you sort through…

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    LinkedIn Just Bought A Company To Get Better At Ads

    22nd July 2014 10:44

    LinkedIn is spending $175 million to buy Bizo, a business-focused marketing firm, the company announced on Tuesday. If you're a LinkedIn member, this might mean more advertising for you. The San Francisco-based firm provides advertising tools for businesses, and already worked with LinkedIn to place ads on the site for its customers.According to a post by LinkedIn executive David Thacker, one of the company's fastest-growing ad products are sponsored updates, or posts companies pay to show you when you log into the site.…

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    Among Mobile App Developers, The Middle Class Has Disappeared

    22nd July 2014 10:22

    The Platform is a regular column by mobile editor Dan Rowinski. Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and pervasive networks are changing the way humans interact with everything.The middle class of mobile app developers is completely non-existent.According to a research survey from market research firm VisionMobile, there are 2.9 million app developers in the world who have built about two million apps. Most of those app developers are making next to nothing in revenue while the very top of the market make…

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    Facebook Save Lets You Bookmark For Later

    21st July 2014 19:14

    Since you're not spending enough time on Facebook, you can now save things to read or view later ... on Facebook.On Monday, the company announced the Save feature, which allows users to bookmark things like links, photos or videos to view when they actually have time to sit down and enjoy them. It's Facebook's answer to Pocket and Evernote—sort of.Unlike these other services, stuff saved on Facebook can only be saved and viewed while using Facebook mobile and Web services. Though…

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    Stayin' Alive: 5 Strategies To Keep Your Phone Lit For Longer

    21st July 2014 18:36

    Battery life is like ice cream and cash—there’s just no such thing as too much. In fact, what’s there usually isn’t enough.See also: If The Future's Battery-Powered, We're ScrewedMobile technology is a way of life now, which brings us face to face with a bizarre truth: More of us are choosing to hitch bigger chunks of our lives to devices that inconveniently go dead way too quickly.  All that status-updating, photo-uploading, video-streaming joy screeches to a halt when we run out…

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    What Streaming Device Makers Should Learn From Qplay’s Demise

    21st July 2014 18:36

    Qplay seemed like it everything it needed to succeed. The small TV streaming adapter had Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton, the founders of the TiVo DVR set-top box, driving it. So it had a well-respected leadership team, a unique selling point and a raft of investors. What it didn’t have, however, is enough interest. And so Qplay swallowed a big piece of humble pie on Saturday and announced its demise. After less than six months on the market, the service is shutting down on July…

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    How Code Has Changed Since The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    21st July 2014 18:12

    The Apollo missions had technology no more complicated than a pocket calculator … everybody knows that. But hardly anybody talks about the computer code that helped send astronauts to the moon and back, which was equally as simple.Sunday, July 20 marked the anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar mission, which most people know today as the moon landing. The command code for this mission still exists in the public domain.Here are some interesting nuances about the Apollo 11 code…

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    How Raspberry Pi Can Hijack Chromecasts

    21st July 2014 13:54

    There's good news for anyone who thinks Chromecast suffers from a severe lack of Rick Astley, although it's bad news for anyone concerned about the security of Google's TV stick. Word’s spreading about a Raspberry Pi–based gadget that can seize control of the device, making it relatively easy to Rickroll Chromecast users. See also: 5 Cool Chromecast Hacks And WorkaroundsCreated by security researcher Dan Petro of Bishop Fox, the appropriately dubbed Rickmote Controller takes its name from the popular Web prank, which…

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    Yahoo Just Bought A Massive Trove Of Mobile Data With Its Flurry Deal

    21st July 2014 10:27

    Yahoo just acquired Flurry Mobile, a leading analytics and advertising company whose services are widely used among app developers and publishers.The deal could be a big one for Yahoo. Flurry has long been considered a standout in the business of collecting and interpreting data that show how people use their mobile devices, ahead of other third-party solutions like Upsight, Localytics, Distimo and Mixpanel and even analytics from Google and Apple.Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo now thinks of itself as a…

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    Here's What Teens Think It Takes To Work In Tech

    21st July 2014 10:20

    It’s easy to get swept up in the media myths of the technology world. The good news is that a new generation readying themselves for careers in tech are looking past the stereotypes and embracing opportunity.On Friday, LinkedIn hosted an event as part of its LinkedIn For Good initiative, in which it encouraged 2,500 employees around the world to spend the day giving back to their community.As part of that "InDay" event, the company hosted 100 teenagers from the Boys and Girls…