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ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    Tech Hiring Is Poised To Break Records In 2015

    17th December 2014 17:32

    There has never been a better time to be in software, and the hiring trends prove it. According to Dice.com's semi-annual report, tech hiring is at unprecedented levels. For tech professionals, this means that now is the time to ask for a better, higher-paying job. Which may not actually be what developers want.Tech Hiring Is Eating The WorldForget partying like it's 1999. As software becomes essential to the operation of all business, tech professionals are seeing their stock rise to record-breaking levels,…

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    BlackBerry Launches The Classic, Its Best Hope Yet For Salvation

    17th December 2014 17:13

    BlackBerry has finally launched its new-old smartphone, the keyboard-bearing BlackBerry Classic.The phone, which has been available on pre-order for a month, offers users a rather unique proposition these days: a physical keyboard. The company earned its stripes with devices bearing hardware QWERTY keyboards, and some might argue that BlackBerry’s business really began to slide when it ditched them to hop on the touchscreen trend. See also: BlackBerry Goes Back To The Future With Its "BlackBerry Classic"The Classic offers both—a keyboard and…

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    Facebook Will Enhance Your Photos For You

    17th December 2014 16:16

    Facebook will auto-enhance newly uploaded photos beginning Tuesday, TechCrunch’s Josh Constine reports. See also: Facebook Is Going To Start Tracking You Even More CloselyIn the age of the smartphone, everyone carries a camera around wherever they go. That doesn’t mean we’re all professional photographers though, or that we want to be. Facebook’s new automated service will make it so users don’t have to worry about DIY filtering.Before the change was implemented, Facebook would show you your unedited photo, give you…

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    What Your Business Can Learn From Ello

    17th December 2014 15:00

    Guest author Yoav Vilner is a co-founder of Ranky.It’s almost 2015, and it’s time everyone realized that users matter more than anything. Yes, more than the actual product and far more than the short-term revenue that app developers and social networks can earn off them.Yet not everyone gets that. Certainly not Facebook, which—as this recent Time piece illustrates—is still busy aiming to expand across the globe. Facebook isn’t asking for money upfront but rather selling all of our personal data and spanking us with advertisements…

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    The Top 6 Video Games Of 2014

    17th December 2014 14:00

    While 2014 hasn't been a banner year for many (e.g. law enforcement, Congress, the CIA, etc.), it has produced an excellent crop of video games. The industry itself continues to grow, with revenues rising eight percent to an estimated $81.5 billion worldwide.Here are some of games that made 2014 a year worth remembering. HearthstoneCategory: Most Unnecessary Huge Success By A Game Studio That Already Controls Players’ SoulsCost: Free (though featuring addictive in-game purchases) for PC, Mac, iPad, Android tabletsRelative to how…

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    Snapchat Is In The Empire Business, Leaked Sony Emails Reveal

    17th December 2014 09:15

    Snapchat launched as an ephemeral photo-sharing app, but business correspondence brought to light by the recent Sony hack reveal the company has no plans of disappearing anytime soon. Along with information supporting reports that Snapchat did, indeed, turn down a $3 billion (or more!) acquisition offer from Facebook are a plethora of business messages that lay out the photo-sharing app's long-term aspirations. Music and music videos, expanded payment services, a possible partnership with Twitter and even a Google Glass-like virtual-reality device…

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    Pebble Smartwatch Latches Onto Android Wear Notifications

    16th December 2014 19:38

    Pebble’s latest beta software just helped close some of the gap between its smartwatch and Google’s rival Android Wear platform—by jacking right into the competition’s notifications.Last month, Pebble finally got full Android notifications. Now it appears that was just a stepping stone, as version 2.3 of Pebble's Android app lets users act on the same alerts Android Wear users respond to from their wrists. See also: Pebble Goes Full Android! (For Notifications, That Is)That Pebble would go this route is a…

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    One Week Later, The Pirate Bay Shows Signs Of Life

    16th December 2014 17:42

    A little less than one week after its servers were raided and taken down, you can find copies of The Pirate Bay online once again. See also: The Pirate Bay Goes Offline Following A Raid By Swedish PoliceTorrent site isoHunt has put a copy of The Pirate Bay, which has long been available for anyone to download, at the URL oldpiratebay.org. The copy is being run by the isoHunt team while the Pirate Bay crew takes an extended hiatus. According…

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    HBO Go Hits Amazon Fire TV, May Bring Cord-Cutting Service Too

    16th December 2014 16:14

    A glaring omission for Amazon's television set-top has been righted. The HBO Go app finally landed on the $99 Fire TV box on Monday, with the $39 Fire TV stick slated to follow in the spring. At this point, the mobile app could bring a lot more than just another streaming service. A few other developments are due in the same timeframe: First, the fifth season of Game of Thrones is likely to kick off in April, which sets an unofficial deadline…

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    Comcast To Allow Roku Users Access To HBO, Showtime

    16th December 2014 15:02

    Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark Wedding HBOAt long last, Roku owners who subscribe to Comcast will have access to HBO and Showtime—just in time for the holidays.A dispute between Roku and the pay-TV provider has kept Comcast services off of Roku gadgets. But according to a filing Recode discovered Monday, the dispute is soon to be over. According to the document the two companies submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, “Comcast has, among other things, agreed to authenticate the HBO…

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    Companies, If Not Consumers, Clamor For Apple Pay

    16th December 2014 14:58

    Apple Pay now supports 90% of U.S. credit cards in terms of purchase volume, the technology company said Tuesday.Banks like SunTrust, Barclaycard and USAA recently began working with Apple to support the service, and as of Tuesday 10 more banks—and the credit cards they offer—will join the roster of companies that support Apple Pay, the New York Times reported.See also: Apple Pay: 1 Million Cards Down, 599 Million To GoCombined with the retailers, banks, and start-ups that already support it, there…

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    How To Avoid The Community Of Open Source Jerks

    15th December 2014 20:56

    Open source is the new default for many areas of software. But open source is different, and that's causing some problems for newbies. While some reduce open source to "free software I can download," open source can be much more. To get the most from open-source software, companies and other big organizations must be willing to engage in the projects important to them. This can be a prickly affair, given how unwelcoming some communities can be. And yet, as Bert Hubert…

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    "Stop Sharing Our Humiliating Emails!" Sony Lawyer Demands

    15th December 2014 17:57

    Can't get enough of those irascible Sony execs email-dishing on Leonardo DiCaprio's "actually despicable" behavior and Michael Fassbender's exceptionally large penis? According to Guardians of Peace, the outfit claiming responsibility for the mammoth  leak of such sensitive Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) documents, there's plenty more where those came from. But if the media keeps publishing such juicy details leaked on the Internet, Sony threatens to hold the violating news agencies "responsible."On Sunday, news organizations including The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Recode,…

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    Avoid Access Disruption On GitHub By Updating Your Keys

    15th December 2014 15:21

    It’s time to update older SSH keys on GitHub—or risk organizations blocking your access to their open source projects. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a cryptographic protocol for secure data communication. Many projects hosting on GitHub—especially Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which let a high volume of developers access secure app data—have developers generate SSH keys in order to be granted access to them. Developers can use these keys to ensure their own programs that rely on API data continue to…

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    Do Early Startup Hires Need To Be Industry Specialists? Here's Advice From 12 Founders

    15th December 2014 15:00

    Guest author Scott Gerber is the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.Some people may think it’s ludicrous to try to break into an industry where you have no specific expertise. But lack of experience doesn’t necessarily mean failure, as long as you work smart and align with the right resources—and people. Curious about how other founders think, I asked 12 entrepreneurs from the YEC to weigh in on the debate: How important is it that your co-founder or first few…