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    PayPal Slams Apple In Full-Page Newspaper Ads

    15th September 2014 20:54

    Now that Apple has revealed Apple Pay, PayPal wants to have it both ways.On the one hand, PayPal is eager to let you know that its Braintree subsidiary can process Apple Pay payments, no problem—even though Apple left PayPal and Braintree off its list of recommended payments processors.See also: Apple Is Less Than Inviting To PayPal In Apple PayOn the other, PayPal is eager to remind you that it has processed billions of transactions and that Apple doesn't have the…

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    PewDiePie Joins MLG, Bringing Mad Star Power To The Twitch Rival

    15th September 2014 19:42

    PewDiePie, the reigning king of YouTube, will now stream episodes of his gaming podcast “BroKen” on MLG.tv. Felix Kjellberg and Kenneth Morrison Starting Monday, the Swedish YouTube gamer better known as Felix Kjellberg, will be posting episodes of his podcast onto MLG, or Major League Gaming network before the hour-long shows are uploaded anywhere else—including Kjellberg’s YouTube home. BroKen (a portmanteau of Kjellberg’s “bro” fandom and the name Ken) is a podcast hosted by Kjellberg and friend Kenneth Morrison, where the two chat…

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    Android One Lands In India, Promising Cheap But Decent Smartphone

    15th September 2014 17:07

    While Apple pats itself on the back over its set of bigger, premium smartphones, Android has been sharpening its focus on budget handsets for emerging markets.Now Google has announced that its low-end device, the Android One, launched today in India. The company, which first divulged plans back at the Google I/O developer conference last June, has enlisted Taiwanese chipset maker MediaTek, maker of low-cost mobile processors. Chips Ahoy!"Our goal was to develop high quality smartphones at an affordable price, with access…

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    To Apple Doubters: Nyah, Nyah—4 Million iPhones 6 Moved On First Day

    15th September 2014 16:10

    Apple released first-day pre-order numbers, and it dubbed them good.According to the official announcement, people pre-ordered four million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in the first 24 hours for a "record" high. Demand has already outstripped pre-order supply, says the tech company, as many pre-orders now list an October ship date. Customers who got their device requests in quickly, however, will see the large Apple phones arrive as early as this Friday, September 19. But for all Apple's gushing…

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    iPhone 6 Plus: Your Guide To Phablet Pros And Cons

    15th September 2014 16:00

    <em>Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at <a href="http://www.popsugar.com/tech/Phablet-Pros-Cons-35687654#photo-35687671">PopSugar Tech</a>.</em>This year's latest phone releases indicate that we now live in the age of the phablet, a device that could be considered either a giant phone or a very small tablet. Apple recently unveiled its biggest phone ever, the iPhone 6 Plus, which stands at 5.5 inches diagonally. The current king of phablets is the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4. Another Android in the oversize mobile device department…

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    Why Notch Won't Be Coming With Minecraft To Microsoft

    15th September 2014 15:56

    Markus PerssonMinecraft’s creator confirmed Monday that he is selling his monumentally popular game to Microsoft—but he won’t be coming with.Marcus Persson, known as “Notch” in the online gaming community, has always been outspoken about his dislike toward large companies, including Microsoft. In 2012, he accused the technology company of trying to “ruin PC gaming.”Minecraft players can’t fault Persson for selling out for a cool $2.5 billion, even to a company he has professed to hate, but the developer insists that…

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    9 Startup Hires Who Might Prove Unexpectedly Valuable

    15th September 2014 15:00

    Everyone wears many hats at a startup, and you rarely know what skills will benefit you most. And when hiring, it can be hard to tell who will turn out to be the most flexible asset to your company.So I asked nine entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share their most unexpectedly valuable hires in the last year and why.A PublicistThere's a time and a place for publicity, and our company was there. The exposure to the right groups,…

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    You, Too, May Want To Delete That U2 Album From iTunes; Here's How

    15th September 2014 12:00

    Who wouldn’t love to get free music? That must have been what Apple executives told each other when they green-lit a plan to push U2’s latest album Songs Of Innocence out to the iTunes libraries of its unsuspecting iPhone users last week.Ahem. The answer, it turns out, was plenty of folks—especially younger iPhone owners who have no idea who U2 is. And many have become irate about Apple abruptly breaching the sanctity of their music collection by slipping in unfamiliar songs.If you're…

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    Internet Outrage Is Urban Outfitters' De Facto Business Model

    15th September 2014 10:02

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," goes the oft-quoted aphorism from 19th century philosopher George Santayana's "The Life of Reason."So it was on Monday morning, when Urban Outfitter's latest piece of offensive apparel, a single-edition "Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt," artificially faded, detailed with a blood spatter-like pattern below the right shoulder and priced at $129. There was only one available, and it sold out immediately. The now-removed item bore this description: Washed soft and perfectly broken…

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    Big Data May Be Hot, But The Server-Management Tool Puppet Is Hotter

    15th September 2014 09:08

    Everyone may be talking about Big Data, but in reality, its actual adoption may be grossly overstated. Big Data certainly appears to be in demand according to jobs data, though other sources suggest that enterprises are still feeling their way.The one thing that isn't a factor of faith-based computing, however, is Puppet, an open-source tool for automating server configuration. It's one of several such frameworks underpinning the "DevOps" phenomenon, in which developers assume more responsibility for managing IT infrastructure in…

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    Facebook Says It Will Actually Listen To Your Ad Feedback Now

    12th September 2014 20:29

    Maybe you told Facebook why you hid an ad in the past, but the social network didn't really use that information to change the ads it showed you. That's changed. On Thursday, Facebook announced two new updates that are meant to help show people "better," ads—as in, advertisements you might actually click on, thus providing better service to Facebook advertisers.Facebook has provided the option to hide ads by clicking, "I don't want to see this," just like any other post, for…

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    Customers Clamor For The Largest iPhone Possible

    12th September 2014 17:49

    It turns out Apple did its market research before trying to sell smart phones the size of your face. Apple and all the major carriers appear to have sold out pre-orders and are quoting longer ship times for the iPhone 6 Plus.See also: Apple Unveils iPhone 6 Plus, A 5.5-Inch PhabletApple has not released numbers for how many iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 models were available for preorder, and an early rumor indicated that there may have been fewer…

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    How Firefly Lets You Explore Your Universe

    12th September 2014 17:00

    This post is sponsored by AT&T. As a promotional post, it reflects the views of the sponsor, not ReadWrite's editors.Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire phone, has a technology called Firefly that looks at the universe of things from as many perspectives as possible.When you press and hold down the dedicated Firefly button, the smartphone identifies printed text on posters, magazines, and business cards. It can also read text off a computer or television screen. Its image-recognition software can identify email…

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    EFF Urges Congress To Protect Privacy In The Cloud

    12th September 2014 15:15

    Despite its misleading name, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 made it legal for the U.S. government to obtain citizens’ email without a warrant or probable cause. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation and 70 other civil liberties organizations, public interest groups, and companies are trying to get it revised. This week they sent two letters to the House and Senate urging lawmakers to reconsider the “archaic” act. The first promotes HR 1852, the bipartisan Email Privacy Act, and the…

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    The Unfiltered Peter Thiel Talks Startups, The CIA And Female Founders

    12th September 2014 15:00

    Peter Thiel, at turns smug, acerbic and brilliant, has opinions on most everything. I first met him a few weeks before I graduated from law school and after he had pulled off the sale of PayPal to eBay for $1.5 billion. Why did he bother to accept a random lunch invitation from a nobody?I don't know. But that's part of Thiel's odd and endearing genius.Now a successful hedge fund operator and angel investor, Thiel regularly gets asked his opinion on…