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ReadWriteWeb is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. One of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb speaks to an intelligent audience of web enthusiasts, early adopters and innovators.

ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    What The Tweet? Your Illustrated Guide To New Twitter Jargon

    21st August 2014 20:18

    Twitter has a problem: New users just don't know how to use it. To help newbies sign up and start tweeting, the company has made a number of recent changes. Redesigned profiles, a giant World Cup marketing push, and rejiggering the Home timeline are just part of Twitter's many attempts to make it friendlier for first-time users.The problem: It's not just Twitter's design or interface that makes it an intimidating service for the average Internet user. It's, well, Twitter users themselves.…

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    Baby, You Can Crash My Simulated Car

    21st August 2014 18:10

    Sure, some day Google may well drive us around. But today we drive ourselves, assisted by roughly 60 to 100 sensors per car, a number expected to mushroom to 200 per car by 2020, or 22 billion in-vehicle sensors worldwide. While all this data has the potential to become a privacy nightmare, it also presents a quandary for developers. Our cars are already eminently hackable in the worst sense of that word, as researchers at Black Hat recently presented. But they're…

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    Why FitStar Decided Its Workout Algorithm Needed To Shape Up

    21st August 2014 17:07

    ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series in which ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.If Dave Grijalva were a drug dealer, I'd say he's getting high on his own supply.In fact, Grijalva is the CTO and cofounder of FitStar, a San Francisco-based fitness-app developer. Take one look at this tall, buff, bearded dude, and it's pretty clear he's partaking in the merchandise—the do-anywhere bodyweight workouts generated by FitStar Personal Trainer. In the past year, I've watched Grijalva go from your stereotypical…

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    Guess Who’s Bringing Gigabit Broadband To Google’s Backyard?

    21st August 2014 14:01

    It’s rather ironic that, apart from a small Stanford neighborhood, Google’s own home region can't take advantage of the company’s super high-speed Google Fiber Internet access. No matter. AT&T is stepping in to fill the gap.See also: The Genius Of Google FiberThe carrier announced Wednesday that it would bring its U-verse GigaPower gigabit broadband service to the Silicon Valley area. Google's home base of Mountain View, Calif., won't benefit from this, though. Instead, AT&T picked Cupertino, home to Google's chief rival…

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    Facebook Still Thinks It Can Make Apps Work More Like The Web

    21st August 2014 11:24

    It’s still impossible to use mobile applications the same way people use Web browsers. Apps each live in their own silos, and unless they’re produced by the same company—like Foursquare and Swarm—bouncing between them the way we bounce between browser tabs can be challenging.Facebook has been pushing hard to get mobile-app developers to adopt App Links, its open source software that facilitates deep-links (think URLs that point directly to information inside apps). If it succeeds, links inside apps will no…

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    Want A Job In Tech? Become A Linux Expert

    20th August 2014 20:17

    Over the past 20 years, Linux has ascended from a Finnish student's hobby to the world's most dominant operating system—one that runs everything from high-performance computing to mobile. Yet companies still can't get the Linux talent they need, at least for the price they're willing to pay for it.See also: Keep Learning Linux—It's The FutureTo help meet this demand, the Linux Foundation today announced a new Linux certification program. But you have to wonder whether this is anything but a…

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    Twitter Tightens Photo Policies Following High-Profile Deaths

    20th August 2014 17:07

    Twitter is tightening its policies on harassment and graphic imagery following the deaths of Robin Williams and U.S. journalist James Foley, who was reportedly beheaded by jihadis in Syria. On Tuesday, the company stated it will now remove certain images of deceased individuals at the family's request.Twitter announced its clarified guidelines on images of deceased Twitter users soon after graphic images reportedly depicted Foley's beheading by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria began circulating on the social media site. Twitter quickly deleted…

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    Google Wants To Control Every Character You Type

    20th August 2014 16:25

    Imagine a typeface that unites all the world’s languages. A publisher could print a book in Arabic, Cherokee, Egyptian Hieroglyphics and more—all without swapping out fonts.That’s what Google is attempting to accomplish with Google Noto, a free font family that currently supports 96 languages, and aspires to support them all. Noto stands for “no tofu,” where tofu are what font professionals call those empty white boxes that appear when a character isn’t supported in a typeface. Started in 2012, the…

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    Want To Start An Open Source Project? Here's How

    20th August 2014 14:02

    You have a problem. You've weighed the pros and cons of open sourcing your code, and you know you need to start an open-source project for your software. But you have no idea how to do this.Oh, sure. You may know how to set up a GitHub account and get started, but such mechanics are actually the easy part of open source. The hard part is making anyone care enough to use or contribute to your project.Here are some principles…

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    Get Ready To Say Goodbye To The Traffic Light

    20th August 2014 14:01

    ReadWriteDrive is an ongoing series covering the future of transportation.The traffic light turned 100 years old this month. At the rate things are going, though, it seems unlikely to survive another century. It might not even make it past the next decade.The first electric traffic light, installed on Aug. 5, 1914, in Cleveland, was intended to bring some order to the chaos of mass-produced automobiles that were starting to flood the roadways. Now, a century later, these cars are on…

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    Verizon's Planned App Store Is The Dumbest Carrier Idea In Some Time

    20th August 2014 09:19

    Reporting from the world of terrible ideas, The Information claims Verizon Wireless is scheming to create a new Android app store to compete with Google's own Play Store. The carrier's plan is currently at an early stage, according to reporter Amir Efrati, who adds that there's no concrete launch timeframe. As a result, it's hard to know whether Verizon's plan, if it exists, is much more than a trial balloon at this point.Still, let's hear it out. Verizon is supposedly wheeling and dealing behind…

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    Now You, Too, Can Obsess Over Your Dropbox File Permissions

    19th August 2014 20:35

    Dropbox CEO Drew HoustonLast month, Dropbox gave business users in its early access program the ability to rule their corporate accounts with an iron fist. Now the cloud storage company has opened the gate, allowing all business customers to obsess over their folder and file permissions too. See also: Dropbox For Business Gives Control Freaks What They WantThe July announcement granted administrators highly requested features covering view-only permissions for shared folders, and passwords and expirations for shared links.This move is undoubtedly…

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    Just How Creepy Can Targeted Ads Get? New Tool Promises To Tell You

    19th August 2014 20:34

    Ever find yourself scrolling through a website and seeing an advertisement that’s a little too well-targeted? You know, as if the advertiser knew you recently twisted your ankle and need to buy some sturdier shoes? Columbia University researchers are working on XRay, a tool to help innocent Internet users make sense of those ads that stalk us, sometimes in ways that are worse than creepy.Climbing In Your Inbox, Snatching Your Searches UpAs most people know by now, your personal data is…

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    PayPal Wants You To Never Pull Out Your Credit Card Again

    19th August 2014 17:00

    A year ago, Bill Ready was gunning for PayPal, bragging about how his company, Braintree Payments, was winning customers like TaskRabbit away from the eBay-owned payments giant. Though Braintree was small, it was popular with mobile-app developers like Uber and HotelTonight—and he was using his edge with them to cook up a plan for a mobile wallet that could squeeze PayPal out of the world of mobile commerce.See also: Braintree's Reverse Takeover Of PayPal Has BegunNow Ready is working for PayPal,…

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    With Mailbox For Desktop, We May All Live At The Post Office Again

    19th August 2014 17:00

    After years of grieving Eudora, my beloved but long-lost desktop-email client, I've found a replacement. It's called Mailbox.Starting Tuesday, more people will be able to get their hands on it. Dropbox, which bought Mailbox last year, is opening up its beta program a little wider.See also: How Mailbox Scaled To One Million Users In Six WeeksI'll tell you more about how you can get an invite in a bit. But first, let me tell you a story of love and loss.Eudora:…