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ReadWriteWeb is a blog that provides analysis of web products and trends. One of the world's top 20 blogs, ReadWriteWeb speaks to an intelligent audience of web enthusiasts, early adopters and innovators.

ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003 by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.

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    Why The Hortonworks IPO Could Jeopardize Other Big Data Companies

    21st November 2014 18:35

    We're finally going to get a Big Data IPO, with Hortonworks filing its S-1 this month. Yet I'm not hearing much cheering from the people who have the most to gain in the short term: venture capitalists. In fact, over the course of the last two weeks, I've talked with a number of VCs and each of them has expressed the same concern:Hortonworks filed to go public way too early.Given its still shaky financials, the risk isn't merely that Hortonworks…

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    Would-Be TV Disrupter Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Reorganization

    21st November 2014 14:55

    Broadcast TV streamer Aereo filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 Friday. The Boston-based startup has been slowly shuttering for months since its Supreme Court loss in June. The court that Aereo's service, which intercepted airborne television signals for its subscribers with tiny individual antennae and send them to its users online, violated copyright law. “The U.S. Supreme Court decision effectively changed the laws that had governed Aereo’s technology, creating regulatory and legal uncertainty,” wrote CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia. "And while our…

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    You Can Now Send Tweets—And Other Links—In Twitter Direct Messages

    21st November 2014 14:39

    Twitter announced Thursday that users can now share public tweets inside direct messages.If that announcement struck you as a headscratcher—couldn't you do that before?—you're not wrong. You've long been able to include links to a tweet's detail page in a private message on Twitter. But especially on mobile devices, that's been a cumbersome, multistep process.Twitter now makes it a feature that's easily available by pressing down on a tweet for a longer period, which could encourage more people to have…

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    Sweden's Sexism Test For Games Is A Great Idea

    21st November 2014 14:20

    Editor's Note: This was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen. Those social justice warriors known as the Swedes are at it again! Last year, four Swedish cinemas started indicating whether the films they screened passed the exceedingly low bar set by Bechdel Test for female representation.Now Dataspelsbranchen, Sweden’s videogames industry organization, is considering putting a label on future games produced in the country denoting whether or not they promote gender equality. Good on Dataspelsbranchen.See also: Call Of Duty Doesn't…

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    Pebble Goes Full Android! (For Notifications, That Is)

    21st November 2014 09:57

    Thanks to Pebble’s new app update, users with Galaxy, Nexus and other Android devices can have all their phone notifications channeled to their arms.Previously, Pebble only displayed a select group of Android alerts, like built-in services (think texts, appointments and Gmail) or some third-party apps designed to work with the watch. Now, if you have Android 4.3 or later, the new Pebble firmware version 2.8 can funnel all of your phone notifications to your arm, and without workarounds. See also: Apple Who?…

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    Digital Ocean's Plan For Cloud Domination: Treat Developers Like Gods

    20th November 2014 20:25

    Two years ago Digital Ocean had a mere 140 Web-facing servers and a simple mission: make developers lives easier. Today the New York City-based cloud provider runs 116,000 servers and surpassed Rackspace to become the world's third-largest Web-facing cloud, according to Netcraft data. See also: Amazon Cloud's Huge Head Start: It's All About The DevelopersDigital Ocean, once a puddle, is living up to its name. That should have competitors worried, especially given Digital Ocean's uncanny ability to make lots of money…

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    Brace Yourselves For Amazon's Big Holiday Blowout

    20th November 2014 19:44

    Nothing can get Amazon down, not even brouhahas over warehouse labor relations. Instead, the e-commerce giant would rather put on its Douglas Fir-colored glasses and get into the spirit a little early.Amazon's earnings may be dismal, but its e-commerce business remains the core of its business. With that, there's a lot of pressure to make the most out of the holiday shopping season. In addition to discounts—in particular, big upcoming Black Friday deals—the company is courting the public with free holiday…

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    Google Brings The Play Store To China, Kinda Sorta

    20th November 2014 19:13

    Google is finally letting Chinese app developers use the Google Play store to upload and make their apps available to customers. But there's a big catch: the Android app for Google Play itself isn't available in China, so developers can't actually distribute these apps to mainland Chinese users.Chinese users have adopted Google in a big way, making up more than half of the one billion Android users around the globe. However, Google hasn’t been available in China since 2010, when it shut…

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    What To Do When A Robot Takes Your Job

    20th November 2014 16:00

    Sean Ammirati is a partner at Birchmere Ventures and the former COO of ReadWrite.It's 2019, and Rosa steps into the law firm she worked at five years ago as a paralegal. It's a far smaller company than the one she remembers—just a few partners and a small amount of support staff.Back then, she saw the writing on the wall: Her employer had started using computer programs to automate the grinding work of reviewing documents she and her colleagues had been…

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    Call Of Duty Doesn't Understand Grief—But Then, Who Does?

    20th November 2014 15:00

    Editor's Note: This was originally posted by our partners at Kill Screen. Leo Burke's Press E To wasn't initially intended as a game critique, but it has since become one with the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. "I had a death in the family a few months ago," Burke says, "and I guess the scene in Call of Duty really didn't feel like what mourning feels like, and I wanted to try and re-create that somehow."The scene in question…

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    Senator Al Franken Grills Uber Over Privacy Policies

    20th November 2014 14:33

    Uber’s bad behavior has earned it a stern letter from Senator Al Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, questioning the ride-sharing company’s tracking of users’ personal data. Franken sent a letter Wednesday to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick with ten tough questions regarding reports of “troubling disregard for customers’ privacy, including the need to protect their sensitive geolocation data.”Emil Michael, senior vice president of business for Uber, is no doubt regretting some remarks he made at a dinner party in New York…

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    How To Delete Your Uber Account (And Not Just The App)

    20th November 2014 14:00

    Anti-Uber sentiment has swept the public in the wake of the infamous “dinner party” controversy, in which a company executive threatened to dig up dirt to smear a female tech journalist.Public outrage has spurred numerous calls to action, trying to convince people to delete the app. There’s just one problem with that: Doing so only deletes the data on your phone. As with other online services, your account and history records remain ensconced on the company’s servers. See also: An Uber Error…

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    What's The Point Of Wearables?

    20th November 2014 11:58

    ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self.One of the interesting things about writing ReadWriteBody, where I've chosen to focus on digital fitness, is the constant conflation of health and fitness.As I remarked during a panel I moderated on Wednesday evening, it's often treated like it's one word: "healthandfitness."You see this confusion in the wearables market, which has lurched in its marketing between these two poles. Is a smart wristband designed to get couch…

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    Netflix Is Still Trouncing The Streaming Competition

    20th November 2014 11:24

    Netflix continues to reign as the king of streaming TV and movies, although a plucky upstart company named Amazon has made significant inroads in the market. A new report from Sandvine, a Canadian company that offers services to broadband Internet companies, found Netflix the runaway leader in peak period downstream traffic in North America, with a 35% share. Amazon Prime Instant Video was the next paid streaming service on the list, with a 2.6% share.While the two services remain separated by more…

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    Companies Team Up With Nonprofits To Fill The Learn-To-Code Gap

    19th November 2014 19:38

    With Disney's help, Elsa teaches kids to code on Code.orgJust how important is it for kids to learn to code? According to some major companies, it’s paramount, or at least worth investing money into. Financial company Bloomberg partnered Wednesday with CodeNow, a nonprofit aimed at teaching technology skills to underprivileged kids. Bloomberg and CodeNow have teamed up to launch “CodeNow in a Box,” a nationwide program that will give teachers the tools to instruct according to CodeNow’s own researched technology…