HTML Emails

Email newsletters have regained a lot of popularity lately as a great, cost effective way of keeping in touch with your customer base.

We've been asked by a number of clients to help them with their email campaigns, offering a full service solution including building the HTML newsletter, organising the disribution via our inhouse email marketing platform, and reporting on the campaign success rates.

Below are just a few of examples of campaigns we've been involved with for clients. If you'd like help creating and sending HTML newsletters, please contact us and we'd be happy to talk through your options with you.

  • How to view the source of an HTML email

    Creating HTML emails is a bit of an art form, although as anyone who's had the joy of creating an HTML email knows, it's a rather semantically ugly form of art.Making an email work across the multitude of different devices and email clients requires an awful lot of tricks and… Read more

  • An Example of Two Different HTML Emails

    Here is a good example of why it is important to experiment with different layouts of HTML email. Below is an example of a company who have updated their HTML email. The old one (pictured first) looks good but doesnt offer much to the viewer. The new layout (see the… Read more

  • Good newsletter subject line by Gizoo

    I get A LOT of emails - and I really don't read all of them that are just trying to sell me something. So I always take note when one makes my finger click to read it... Gizoo's latest email had the subject line "Our most reviewed product, the amazing… Read more

  • Horizontal spaces between images in Gmail html emails

    I just received a HTML newsletter from and it reminded me of something we discovered with Gmail a few months ago... Since the powers-that-be at Google created a new class of font-size:80%, horizontal spaces have been appearing between images. And it looks like play have unfortunately (maybe) fallen foul… Read more

  • Clever email marketing idea from my-wardrobe

    I received a newsletter last night that I thought was quite a clever idea, from With the bank holiday approaching, they asked several high profile editors what they'd be wearing over the long weekend. Bang on subject for their target market - trend setters discussing styles, with tips and… Read more

  • Last minute HTML emergency!

    CCT rang us on Thursday afternoon asking if we could help them out by building 3 HTML pages and an HTML email (and test all of it across a variety of email clients and browsers of course!) by Friday lunchtime....! It was a tight deadline but we're not afraid to… Read more

  • HTML newsletter for launch of Wedding Fayres UK got a new look (and features - so a new site actually!) last week, so we designed and built a newsletter to send to our opt-in list of wedding fair organisers. The open rate was high and the click rate very impressive - with the amount of wedding fairs… Read more

  • Christmas e-card for Chance to Shine - the Cricket Foundation and the ECB's charity for supporting and encouraging young people, asked us to build their Christmas e-card and send it to their supporters, sponsors and participating schools. The design, created by Hotrod Creations, had to be built with particular care and tested across a variety… Read more

  • What's your website doing for Christmas?

    Have you considered what you're doing online this Christmas? If the answer is nothing - then maybe you should think about how you can use your website and online presence as an asset to your company this Christmas. It's easy to think of a website as just a brochure that all companies… Read more

  • 18a Productions Christmas opening hours

    We've just sent out a newsletter (using 18amail of course!) to our clients about our Christmas opening hours, but I thought I should post them on here too. Our offices will be closed from 5.30pm on Friday the 18th December and we'll be back in action again on Monday 4th… Read more