Internet Security

Security online has never been so important, particularly with more and more people opting for 'off the shelf' web solutions and content management systems. Vulnerabilities exploited in such widespread software can result in the hacking of huge numbers of websites very quickly indeed.

Keep up with the latest security patches and advisories for your website.

  • An AWSome day of learning

    Our developer Craig recently took part in the AWSome Day where AWS tell you all about their cloud hosting offerings. (AWSome... do you see what they did there?!) We've got a few clients on AWS as we've been working with Amazon's hosting for a few years now, so this webinar… Read more

  • New year, new rules...

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018... the year GDPR comes into force. If you haven't heard about GDPR, then I'm afraid you need to get up to speed quickly, because it comes into force in May this year. But have no fear, we can help bring your website inline with… Read more

  • How to get an A Grade SSL Install with Letsencrypt on EC2

    LetsEncrypt is great, but it doesn't always work brilliantly with Amazon EC2 instances.Documented below are the various steps and hurdles I've had to overcome to install LetsEncrypt and configure Apache to run a clients site securely over SSL. I'm writing this as much as anything for my own reference as… Read more

  • Microsoft drops support for all but the latest version of Internet Explorer for your Operating System

    For many years, Microsoft has offered technical support and security updates for multiple versions of Internet Explorer. This was largely down to enterprise users where companies had difficulty in upgrading large numbers of computers to the latest version of Internet Explorer either because of the shear amount of work involved… Read more

  • Spam email pretending to be from Amazon

    I've just had an email apparently from Amazon telling me that my account has been suspended.The email reads:Amazon Customer, [my email address]Your Amazon account has been temporarly suspended for security reasons.After our Security Department made a close checking of your account we discovered that on your account were present unusual… Read more

  • Tips for Installing a 123-reg (GlobalSign) Domain SSL certificate on an Amazon EC2 Instance Running Apache 2.*

    This process caused me a couple of issues when I came to do it just now, so I hope the following notes might prove helpful to someone (or possibly me next time I come to do this and have forgotten everything I just did!). In no particular order: 1. Once… Read more

  • WordPress security alert!!

    WordPress have been hit recently by attackers targeting the "admin" user account.The incredibly popular website software is used by millions of websites around the world and it's important to keep your installation of WordPress up to date.The people attacking WordPress currently seem to be aiming their attack at both stand… Read more

  • Facebook rolls out new privacy settings.

    Yet again Facebook have made some more changes to their privacy settings. They are continuing to roll out new measures to increase privacy to users. The latest, is the ability for users to have greater control over who can and can’t see their status updates. Many people are seeing this as Facebook’s… Read more