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Marketing is an essential part of any successful website. Whether it's social media promotion, SEO, PPC, newsletter advertising, banner advertising, viral marketing, affiliate marketing... The list goes on... And on.

Keep up to date with all that's going on in the world of online marketing.

  • Re-branding for Mapp Media

    We recently helped Mapp Media rebrand their website, changing all of their previous purple into green! We made the changes to their blog site and holding page for their new brochure site which we're currently developing on WordPress. The blog site is fully responsive and kept up to date with… Read more

  • The Facebook Experiment

    As the Facebook empire grows and grows, the way in which the social network handles user data has become an important debate. This week it was revealed that Facebook changed the content of users Facebook feed to collect data on how they responded. By manipulating users feeds to monitor their… Read more

  • Bath and West Facebook Timeline goes live

    We were very proud last week to launch the Bath and West Facebook Timeline page.Working with the Bath and West's PR company, JBP, we were all set to design and build a custom Facebook landing tab for the famous show, when Facebook announced their plans to make the timeline compulsory… Read more

  • Social media paranoia - would you give your boss your Facebook password?

    I was quite shocked to read a blog post this week about job applications actually asking for your Facebook log in details before they consider you for a job!Apparently an application form has come to light in North Carolina for an admin job in a police department where it asks… Read more

  • Facebook Fan Page covers

    I've just been asked by a client about how their Facebook Fan page would look if they don't upload a cover by the 31st March.They wanted to know if their thumbnails which currently sit along the top of their page will still show. But I don't think they will.Instead, as… Read more

  • Facebook Fan pages will get the timeline by the end of March

    The big Facebook news at the moment is that by the end of March all Facebook Fan pages for businesses will display the controversial Timeline layout.Until the 30th March, you can preview your fan page on the Timeline layout and then at the end of the month it will go live.… Read more

  • Have you got customer reviews on your Facebook page?

    If you've got customer reviews on your Facebook page, which are no where else, then copy and paste them and save them quick!Facebook have announced that as of the 31st October 2011 they're removing the reviews tab from Facebook Pages, so as to encourage people to use the wall instead.… Read more

  • How to get rid of vertical scrollbars in a Facebook fan page application

    More and more companies are getting customised Facebook pages, like ours! But when you create a basic Facebook fan page application you might find that the lovely design you've created gets horrible vertical scroll bars added along the right hand side. Here's a quick 'howto' to explain the steps you… Read more

  • How to make someone an admin of your Facebook page

    If you're an organisation with a Facebook Fan Page, a time is likely to come where you need someone else to be able to administer your page. This is particularly the case in companies, when the person who created the page goes on holiday or is out of the office.It's very… Read more

  • Facebook Terms and Conditions – Fan pages

    For those who know how, Facebook certainly is very easy to use and user friendly. However it can be confusing and a bit tricky knowing that they continuously make updates and changes to the site. Facebook Fan pages are great. They can be regularly updated and clear for those who… Read more