• Is WordPress editor jumping down slightly when you click?

    Recently we've encountered a small but very irritating glitch in the WordPress editor whereby the content editor will jump down by a line when clicking in the text area. After a bit of investigation we discovered this can be solved by disabling the "Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality" checkbox… Read more

  • A UX consideration for Nationwide

    A few weeks ago I wrote a little UX review of something I found odd with Nationwide's online banking, but I didn't get around to publishing it.1 It went a little something like this..."Now, of course, I don't know the reasons behind what I'm about to describe and so please,… Read more

  • Why have my Instagram pictures stopped appearing on my website?

    If you were a user of the Instafeed.js service for Instagram, you may have noticed recently that your pictures have stopped automagically appearing on your website. This is due to some recent legal changes Instagram have made to their API, which has unfortunately stopped the app (for now atleast) from… Read more

  • New video subscription website for Woodcarving Workshops

    Master woodcarver Chris Pye's popular online video learning tool, Woodcarving Workshops, needed a make over and we were more than happy to help! Their old site, which was built using Umbraco, was a little tired and not responsive so they needed a site that could keep up with the requirements… Read more

  • New design for Facebook's newsfeed

    Facebook are going to start rolling out a new design for their famous news feed.You may be most familiar with the design below:Or you may have spent the last year / few months looking at this:Personally I never got the design above - when it started appearing for Tom last… Read more

  • A lesson in usability: sometimes less is more

    I was talking to someone the other day who isn't particularly Internet savvy and was trying to set up a Skype account.This person doesn't use the Internet or email too often, but when they do they generally get on OK because they read things carefully, apply common sense and aren't… Read more

  • The devil is in the detail, as Google demonstrates

    Google announced yesterday that they're going to change how URLs appear in ads on search results pages. The search engine constantly tweaks and refines it's offerings and way of going about things, and the latest announcement is that all URLs displayed in ads will be shown with the domain in… Read more

  • Browser testing to include skype?

    Just to add to the long list of what us web developers have got to check for is Skype installations. I've been noticing recently how if you've got Skype installed on your computer, then it is very helpful and turns phone numbers into clickable links for you on websites you… Read more

  • New twitter site starts rolling out

    Twitter have unveiled their new look site - and I think it looks pretty good! Of course the proof is in the using... I really like the way Twitter have managed the space on the screen - with show and hides you can give a user a lot of information… Read more

  • New reviews section of muchbetteradventures.com

    Muchbetteradventures.com are going from strength to strength, and so to build on the community aspect of their adventure travel site, they needed a full scale reviews system! When the site launched last November it had the facility for members to leave a review, along with photos, but it was time… Read more