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  • Google's semantic web needs to be careful

    We've just had a conversation about Gilbey's Gin, after a client of ours did some work for them.So, the first thing I did was Google "Gilbey's Gin", which brought back a result showing me a photo of Sir Walter Gilbey, along with a photo of him and some info about… Read more

  • Using Twitter Web Intents

    We've just added some social media links to Poole Trail so that people can share the great stories and media on the City Insights route.As the design called for custom links rather than just social media icons / widgets, we discovered that the old way of doing things for Twitter… Read more

  • Adwords conversion tracking in OpenCart

    How do you add conversion tracking to OpenCart when it has a shared success page?A client asked me to add some Google Adwords conversion tracking code to their OpenCart website's success page that is shown after someone completes an order.However, OpenCart doesn't have one file for that - it has catalog/view/theme/xxx/template/common/success.tpl… Read more

  • Duplicate domain invoices from 123-reg

    During December we found we were charged for several domains twice by 123-reg.This happened with 2 different 123-reg accounts, so it's very possible it's happened to a lot of other people! And I'm sure 123-reg are having quite a headache dealing with the fall out of what was probably a… Read more

  • Merry Christmas from 18a!

    Merry Christmas to all of our clients - old and new - from 18a Productions!Woo - what a busy year! We've worked one some great projects during 2012 - lots we'll be adding to our portfolio shortly and lots we can't tell you about! We've worked with lots of new clients… Read more

  • Adding categories in OpenCart

    This is the first in a range of tutorials for getting started with OpenCart. As your business evolves and changes you may find you need to add / edit / delete categories in your shop.Step 1: Log into the admin of your shop, and from the menu bar along the top of… Read more

  • How to add products to OpenCart

    If you've got an OpenCart shop, one thing you might do often is add products.The products section of OpenCart is extremely comprehensive. Therefore there will be LOTS of options you don't need to worry about but here's a run down of what everything means.Step 1:From the menu in admin along… Read more

  • Adding a WordPress gallery

    WordPress is a great piece of software for easy to update websites and it comes with a nifty gallery feature. Here are some instructions for how to use it.Firstly, you need to upload your photos into your Post or Page (galleries work on either). Click on the Insert Media icon… Read more

  • Emergency server maintenance

    We may be on holiday, but that doesn't stop our server monitoring, or us acting on it!Written at: 8.50amUnfortunately I was alerted this morning via text message that one of our servers is currently down. I immediately investigated and our hosting providers have apologised but they have had to carry… Read more

  • WordPress 3.4 GREEN released

    I began customising a WordPress blog for someone on Tuesday - so of course on Thursday I wake up to an email about the latest version (3.4) being released!So when I upgrade the blog I've just done, I'll be able to report back with more details. But right now, the… Read more