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  • A UX consideration for Nationwide

    A few weeks ago I wrote a little UX review of something I found odd with Nationwide's online banking, but I didn't get around to publishing it.1 It went a little something like this..."Now, of course, I don't know the reasons behind what I'm about to describe and so please,… Read more

  • Why have my Instagram pictures stopped appearing on my website?

    If you were a user of the Instafeed.js service for Instagram, you may have noticed recently that your pictures have stopped automagically appearing on your website. This is due to some recent legal changes Instagram have made to their API, which has unfortunately stopped the app (for now atleast) from… Read more

  • Creating an SVG version of our logo

    SVGs are awesome! If your image is in SVG format it's a vector (as the name suggests) and will scale beautifully to any size you desire. This is in contrast to a more traditional format such as a .gif or .png which will go blurry once you go past their… Read more

  • ClaytonERM move to WordPress

    At first glance, the new site we created for Clayton Euro Risk looks pretty similar to the old site ... which was exactly what was requested. However, as similar as it may seem in comparison, just like a swan, the feet were paddling frantically below the surface. Metaphorically I mean… Read more

  • New video subscription website for Woodcarving Workshops

    Master woodcarver Chris Pye's popular online video learning tool, Woodcarving Workshops, needed a make over and we were more than happy to help! Their old site, which was built using Umbraco, was a little tired and not responsive so they needed a site that could keep up with the requirements… Read more

  • The new Farming Hub goes live

    The lovely Lawrence at Farming Hub approached us to create a new site for farminghub.co.uk. His old site was built using Umbraco, but for his new site Lawrence wanted something custom built so as to perfectly suit his requirements.He needed a site with a fresh new look; modern, easy to… Read more

  • Christmas Opening Hours 2015

    Well it is that time of year again and what a wonderful one it has been. We've made some fantastic sites, continued to build great relationships, welcomed new 18a team members and even launched our non-for-profit organisation TheWebGuild.org. Like many of you we will be closing at 1pm today in… Read more

  • SnuffleShuffle Goes Live!

    We're very proud to anounce the launch of SnuffleShuffle.com - 'When you've got a snuffle, arrange a shuffle!' This exciting new startup aims to revolutionise the daycare nursery industry, creating a secondary marketplace for reselling prepaid nursery care.The ProblemMost nurseries require that you book and pay for days of nursery… Read more

  • Using CSS to create a faded read more link

    Whilst using Trello recently I noticed a nice little CSS fade effect. We often have 'read more' links on long paragraphs of text which, once clicked on, reveals the entire body of text. This can be really handy with user interfaces when you don't want to overload the screen with… Read more

  • Cookie Widget Tool

    Agree with it or not, due to EU law, every website we create these days needs to have the obligatory 'this website contains cookies' warning. Understandably most people have absolutely no idea what they need to include on this page. So to make life easier, we've launched a new tool… Read more