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  • A tree for every website.

    We promised to plant a tree for every website we make. So at the end of 2008, we got busy planting our own little 18a Orchard in a beautiful part of Worcestershire. We planted a selection of Apple trees (inc. Bramleys and Cox Orange Pippen), some Cherry trees, and -… Read more

  • BBC TV ad error spotted!

    Ok, so this is about as geeky as it gets... but on a rather nice animation for BBC 3 (you know - the kind they play whilst the voice over says what's coming next etc - know they've got a name but can't think what it is...) there was a… Read more

  • Stephen Fry is now following you on Twitter!

    This totally made my morning! The Dancer, couturier, superheavyweight boxer and rapper Stephen Fry is now following us on Twitter! (Ok along with another 19,372 people) but still really made my morning! Thanks Stephen, thoroughly decent of you! :) Read more

  • Retailers who currently don't submit feeds to comparison engines may be missing out!

    According to an online shopping survey conducted by e-consultancy, retailers who currently don't submit feeds to comparison engines may be missing out on the growth of online shopping. With 56% of consumers claiming their online spending will not be effected by the 'credit crunch' and 62% claiming they are now… Read more

  • Web Design Time Breakdown

    Sometimes it's really hard to know where all the time has gone, suddenly you look up, and it's time for lunch, then before you know it, it's getting dark! This pie-chart breaking down the time spent in modern web design amused me, hehe, how true! Except it doesn't count for… Read more

  • 18a in the Guardian!

    Jemima Kiss, a blogger for The Guardian, interviewed Tom a little while ago (and requested some photos - eek!) about our site PriceCheck.at. Pricecheck.at is a quick and easy to use tool for checking the price of items when you are out and about on your mobile phone. So next… Read more

  • Happy birthday to us!

    This week marks the first birthday of 18a productions! And so to celebrate, we had a little party with our friends and work colleagues on Saturday, complete with birthday cake and party bags. Unfortunately the cake, along with the BBQ, disappeared before we had chance to take any photos...! We'd… Read more

  • Making Payments with your Mobile

    Apparently according to a report by O2, 9 out of 10 people who took part in their six-month trial were happy to pay for stuff using their mobile phone, instead of the traditional credit card. The technology, called field communications technology or NFC for short, works by waving or touching… Read more

  • Google launch their new browser - Google Chrome

    So the inevitable has happened - Google have built their first browser, set to take on Microsoft and leave Internet Explorer as a distant memory.News of today's launch was 'leaked' to Google Blog-oscoped (the blog by Philipp Lenssen - which is currently down, probably due to having been visited just… Read more

  • The importance of telephone support.

    I have 2 clients at the moment who both have .com domains registered with budget - and in one instance, extremely well known - hosting companies / domain registrars. All each of them need is that .com redirected to their website that is running on the .co.uk. I do not… Read more

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