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  • From India with Love...

    Outsourcing to India is nothing new. But today alone we've been cold called by 3 companies, all based in India, wanting us to outsource technical development. I'm not sure if this is good news or not really, but I do know it's very annoying to have the same conversation over… Read more

  • Hunt for the Perfect CMS

    Probably the most commonly requested requirement for a website is the ability for the client to add and edit pages. It sounds such a simple requirement, but in reality it's really tricky to get the balance right between functionality, flexibility and the level of technical skills required. There are literally… Read more

  • How to Let your Users Create Desktop Shortcuts to your Website

    Bookmarks are very handy for remembering sites you like, but wouldn't it be really neat to let your users create a proper icon on their desktop that links directly through to your website? Or even a link in the Quick Launch bar right next to the start button. Using Gears… Read more

  • Count down for press launch!

    We were extremely proud to be commissioned to build the website for the StreetChance supported by Barclays Spaces for Sports campaign recently; a partnership between Chance to shine, Barclays Spaces for Sports, Cricket for Change, Positive Futures and the Metropolitan Police Service. The initiative is a three year project, initially… Read more

  • Round the coast of Ireland on a bike! They Must be Nuts!

    Our friends over at Wibfilm are leaving this Saturday to start their ambitious cycle ride round the coast of Ireland and in the process no doubt testing the theory that you can live off Guinness for 2 weeks! ;) The trip will be starting on the 11th of August 2008… Read more

  • DELL gets pretty

    Wow! I absolutely love these new DELL computers! And I defy anyone not to think they look stunning and crave one for their desk! Dell claim it's their greenest, most "power-efficient consumer desktop", as it uses 70% less power than a regular desktop and has an 87% efficient power supply.… Read more

  • Friends Reunited TV advertising campaign

    A few weeks ago I wrote about how Friends Reunited had announced their site is now free for users - in an attempt to catch up with Facebook I presumed. Well I've just seen a TV ad for the 'new Friends Reunited' website on ITV! Correct me if I'm wrong,… Read more

  • Firefox Guinness World Record Download Attempt

    Has Firefox Set the Guinness Record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period? That was the aim for the latest release of their ever popular browser; Firefox 3. Millions of people logged into the official site to grab a copy of the browser, infact according to the Download… Read more

  • Friends Reunited playing catch up

    Who else found an email in their inbox this morning, announcing FriendsReunited has gone completely free? The email says "[w]ith over 19 million members, we're still the best place to find your old friends". Hint of desperation there? Trying to remind us that there was a world before Facebook? What… Read more

  • 18a client BOLTS hair and body on Channel 4

    Axminster based salon BOLTS hair and body came to us for a website to match their new image. The company, formerly BOLTS hair design, added a beauty salon to pamper the senses, with holistic treatments such as Hot Stones Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, along side more traditional body… Read more

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