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  • Brains work best when they're hydrated. We have the proof.

    You don't have to be a fan of the thunderbirds to appreciate how brilliant this ad campaign is. Using a combination of highly skilled puppeteers following choreography and clever computer work converting a digitally scanned real dancer into the image of Brains. I really love this ad; it makes me… Read more

  • Pricecheck.at - The Mobile Price Checking Service

    We've touched on mobile web development in the past couple of posts. It's an exciting new area which offers a huge potential for growth as more people get online with their mobile phones. Well rather than just talk about it, we thought we'd give it a go, and Pricecheck.at is… Read more

  • Keep Up With Promotions!

    We've all done it - well, those of us who have accounts with affiliate marketing networks. Set up an account, put a few banners on a site, and then get tied down with the next project, forget exactly who we joined/what we linked to and just delete each merchant email… Read more

  • Is the Mobile Web Dead?

    This might seem a strange thing to ask considering my previous 2 blog entries, but it's a view shared by a couple of long standing mobile web entrepreneurs, and highlighted in an article I've just read. Personally I think this is a prime example of link baiting! By stating something… Read more

  • Basic Guidelines for Developing a Mobile Friendly Website

    There are a few basic things to consider when building a site that's mobile friendly. It's all pretty common sense when you think about it, and infact I've found most of these rules simply apply as good 'general' rules anyway. I.e. Use of good quality well-formed code, css based design… Read more

  • The Mobile Internet is Now

    I've been reading a fair bit lately into what many people suspect will be the 'next big thing' on the Internet; the final 'coming of age' of the mobile Internet. There are a lot of people doing a lot of things in the mobile web world, I feel like I've… Read more

  • Number 1 in Google...

    That's where everyone wants their site to be. Some people, incredibly naively, think that as soon as they make a website, their site will magically appear above the millions of other existing pages in the search results. I've often heard stories from other developers of clients calling them up in… Read more

  • Navigation Trends and Ideas

    A websites navigation is one of the most important aspects in it's design. Making a site easy to navigate and intuitive to the user, while at the same time interesting and original is always something to aspire to. This article by smashing magazine gives a nice little overview of some… Read more

  • DreamAds - Taking Adsense to the Next Level

    Stumbled upon this post on ReadWriteWeb this morning which I found particularly interesting and had me going for a minute! I particularly like the new CPD (cost per Desire) trading model, sounds like they are onto a winner if they manage to get this project up and running! :) Read more

  • The day Google turned the lights out.

    Anyone else visit http://www.google.co.uk today and think their monitor was being screwwy? The usually white background was black, with the text in white. Apparently it was all part of Google's attempt to raise the UK public's attention to 'Earth Hour' and attempts at conserving engergy usage. Earth Hour wants people… Read more

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