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  • a4uexpo Affiliate Marketing Conference 2007

    If Carlsberg ran conferences they would probably be something like a4uexpo! That was one of the comments I've read today about the a4uexpo affiliate marketing conference held last week at ExCeL London. It was a fantastic event although probably the most exhausting couple of days of my life! Here's a… Read more

  • Why Web2.0 is 90% Rubbish

    Whatever happened to editorial control? Since when has every Tom, Dick or Harry been an expert on everything and anything!? Sharing information and ideas is a great thing and the internet has given everyone a voice. Web 2.0 has taken this a step further by taking control away from the… Read more

  • How to work for yourself effectively.

    Making the most of your time is very important when working for yourself. It's a great feeling to have complete freedom over your working day, but if you're not careful this feeling of freedom can leave you with a lack of purpose or direction. It's hard to stay motivated and… Read more

  • Creating a Google Sitemap

    When I first heard about Google sitemaps I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. I didn't see why we should have to make Google's life easier. Surely it's Google's job to index our site, not the web developers job to spoon feed it information! Infact if practically any… Read more

  • The coolest thing you'll probably see all day!!!

    I thought this was very cool, and as it's vagely website related, thought I'd include it here :) Download it here Read more

  • A web design dream come true

    Wow! Here's an amazing video by Dr Shai Avidan and Dr Ariel Shamir to support their paper on 'Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing'. It's a few minutes long, but it's worth watching to the end - where they make people disappear! Ooh! To be able to seamlessly extend or… Read more

  • Why you should not get a 15 year old to design your website

    So many people these days claim to be able to make websites, long gone are the days where it was seen as some kind of clever, voodoo, dark magic. Programs like Dreamweaver and Frontpage have brought web design to the masses. No longer do small companies have to pay thousands… Read more

  • Things every small business should consider before starting a website

    Everyone wants a website these days, infact you could say that everyone 'needs' a website these days. It's become just about as important as business cards and a yellow pages listing were 15 years ago. But there are quite a few things to consider before thinking that a website will… Read more

  • Top 5 Tips for Good User Interface Design

    User interface design is critically important when designing good and useable websites. It's often something that's overlooked or taken for granted by the general public as they use a site, but the basic principles are often applied by designers almost without them realising. Good design more often than not goes… Read more

  • An XHTML and CSS-based Form Template

    I've always found it a little tricky to write truly valid forms, yet still keeping the layout looking anything half decent. I guess you can hack it around a bit and float div's left and right, but it somehow always seemed a rather long-winded way to go about things. So… Read more