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  • Junior web developer role, based just outside Bristol

    For those of you who don't stay glued to our jobs page(!), just a note that we're hiring.We're currently looking for a bright spark to join our team in a junior developer role, happy to dabble with all things front end and back. You can read all about it on our… Read more

  • Spam and the benefits of using Gmail

    Spam emails are a nuisance for anyone using email for their business. Dealing with a constant stream of unwanted mail can seem like a never-ending battle. We are often receiving requests from clients wanting to reduce the amount of spam filling up their inbox, and we find ourselves more and… Read more

  • Pearl Bay has gone live!

    We are very happy to announce that the Pearl Bay website has gone live! Meet Pearl - a lovingly restored VW Camper van, available for wedding and event hire. Pearl provides a memorable way to travel on your special day, as well as adding a unique touch to other events and… Read more

  • How to view the source of an HTML email

    Creating HTML emails is a bit of an art form, although as anyone who's had the joy of creating an HTML email knows, it's a rather semantically ugly form of art.Making an email work across the multitude of different devices and email clients requires an awful lot of tricks and… Read more

  • New design for Facebook's newsfeed

    Facebook are going to start rolling out a new design for their famous news feed.You may be most familiar with the design below:Or you may have spent the last year / few months looking at this:Personally I never got the design above - when it started appearing for Tom last… Read more

  • A lesson in usability: sometimes less is more

    I was talking to someone the other day who isn't particularly Internet savvy and was trying to set up a Skype account.This person doesn't use the Internet or email too often, but when they do they generally get on OK because they read things carefully, apply common sense and aren't… Read more

  • Spam email pretending to be from Amazon

    I've just had an email apparently from Amazon telling me that my account has been suspended.The email reads:Amazon Customer, [my email address]Your Amazon account has been temporarly suspended for security reasons.After our Security Department made a close checking of your account we discovered that on your account were present unusual… Read more

  • How to Analyse a website for speed

    How quickly a website works is vitally important to its success. There are a million reasons why a website could be running slowly, but the following suggestions might put you on the path to diagnosing the bottleneck. Firstly, you might find it useful to install a Chrome extension/plugin called yslow, which… Read more

  • Implementing caching to speed up a flickr API implementation

    Western Design Architects came to us with an extremely slow site. And I mean sllooowww!The site gets all it's images from Flickr - a great idea meaning WDA only need to upload their photos in 1 place for exposure in 2, they can utilise Flickr apps for getting their latest… Read more

  • The responsibility of being a programmer

    Visitors to the NHS website on Sunday evening were sent to an infected website.I read an article on Wednesday about how visitors to the NHS website on Sunday evening found themselves being sent to web pages hosting malware or - at best - ads which the visitors didn't intend to… Read more