International financial news site launches

lisa Lisa, 12th August 2020

Global Investment Daily is a Canada based financial news publisher who came to us to build their new site.

We opted for WordPress, and in order to set a test site up in a matter of days, worked with Global to choose a Premium theme for their design. There are lots of things to be wary of when using a Premium theme, but if managed properly and handled correctly they can result in great looking, feature rich sites turned around on a very short timeframe. As WordPress specialists, having worked with it for the whole 12 years we've been trading, we know we can get what we need from the platform now and as the business evolves whilst keeping the build cost effective with a quick turn around.

For hosting, we set up Elastic Beanstalk on AWS so that the site can scale when traffic surges and have configured S3 Uploads so that images the editorial team add for articles are saved to a S3 bucket and not lost when old servers die off or when upgrades are run. 

As a start up, looking for a MVP, Global Investment Daily also needed some cost effective branding. Whilst we typically don't delve into the world of logo design, we can do it when required! So we gave them a few options of text based logos for them to choose from and the branding project only took a couple of hours from start to finish.

Whilst a premium theme is a fully fledged design, there are still lots of decisions to be made around the finer details of the site. We helped Global decide on how to structure their content in categories, which widgets the theme came with that they didn't need, how to approach their social media links on the site and are in the process of helping them with their advertising spots across the site.



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