Learning Hub launches for Kurosbio.com

lisa Lisa, 17th July 2020

Kuros Biosciences are a team of experts in spinal fusion and so asked us to add a Learning Hub to their website.

We launched their new WordPress site for them earlier this year, and they were now ready to add the next phase of development - a learning hub so that members of their target industry could learn more about what they do and about their field of expertise.

The hub lets visitors book a one-to-one slot with a scientific expert, book a training session (with booking powered by hubspot) or join a virtual "coffee chat"- peer led seminars on specific topics or questions.

Video features prominently on the hub - and throughout the Kuros site as a whole - as they know how powerful it can be at conveying an expert's message to an audience. For Kuros, as for many clients, we utilise Vimeo, often using the Vimeo API for greater control over how a visitor interacts with the video and when it plays. Video is also becoming all the more popular in 2020 as real life face to face meetings and events are being replaced with webinars and online Zoom calls.

We turned the whole initial build around in a week from getting the brief, quoting, to handing over delivery of the learning hub. We then worked with Kuros to make any tweaks they required as their plans for the hub evolved in the run up to launch. As always, working with the Kuros team was great and we're all really excited to see how the hub helps them take their marketing and reach to the next level in the coming months.

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