City Insights

Responsive CodeIgniter based platform

City Insights is a hugely complex platform which allows the tech start up to sell multimedia responsive websites to their clients such as Cambridge University. City Insights can create the new website - which runs from whatever domain is specified - within admin and grant their client access to update content. This content - based around trails and maps - can then be previewed on a device simulator and explored on a "sandbox site" before it is set live.


Using the extensive admin tools City Insights and their clients can manage a vast amount of content, create events which can be added to itineraries, and upload vidoes which are then converted to the different formats required for different mobile devices.

The sites the system produces can be customised to suit the end client's branding, with the system actually suggesting complementary colours once the customisation process begins.

City Insights is all about the "power of here" - so maps play a crucial role in the system. Clients can upload custom drawn maps or use Google Maps to plot points which visitors can then navigate around.

One we'd made the platform, we then had to make an attention grabbing marketing site. With such a varied client base, we suggested landing pages for each sector meaning their sales team can direct potential clients to a page directly related to their business type, which then displays relevant case studies.

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