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OilPrice.com is one of the busiest energy news sites on the Internet and screenshots can't do the inner workings of this site justice! Part of Google News and Yahoo! Finance, the site generates complex feeds for syndication whilst extensive A/B testing drives sales of Premium Subscriptions.

The site's advertising platform grows by the day, with new features for tracking and conversion monitoring added regularly. We've recently added a templating feature for text ads so that the OilPrice.com team can very easily choose the look of the text ad they're adding without having to enter any code.

We've built OilPrice.com it's own bespoke affiliate programme which constantly evolves as features on the site change. Partners can log in to view their latest leads and earnings, as well as pick up creative and generate deep links. The affiliate platform uses an API we created to communicate with the main site.

Such a busy site needs detailed stats and whilst the OilPrice.com make use of Google Analytics we've also built a bespoke stats package that processes data nightly so as to present the marketing team with tailored daily reports. The stats platform uses Google Graphs to display the data and was put together using Twitter Bootstrap for a clean simple interface.

Premium payments are processed by PayPal but card details are actually taken on OilPrice.com so the User never has to leave the site. This then kick starts a subscription which grants the User access to locked-down exclusive content on the site.

I approached 18a Productions a few years ago with a very complicated re-design of our website. It was only intended to be a short term one off job but due to the skill of their programmers and their ability to always meet our project requirements (no matter how difficult) we have continued working with them for the last couple of years. We have worked with a large number of coders and none come close to the team at 18a. I highly recommend you get in touch with 18a to see how they can help you successfully build out your online projects. If you don't work with them you are idiots (this bit is optional).

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