Strategy and Consultancy

It takes more than just a pretty picture and a clever coder to make a successful website.

Let us help guide your project to make sure you don't take any wrong turns. A successful web project starts and ends with good planning; quite simply it's vital!

What platform is your project going to be built on? How should you structure your content? What's the best way to get your message across? How important is Google to you? Do you maybe need multiple sites / domains? Should you be using a web app or a native app (or maybe a hybrid app?!)? So many questions!

From online marketing, requirements gathering, wireframing, to good relational database design - our academic backgrounds coupled with our real world expertise delivering large and small scale information systems mean we're able to plan and develop solutions that are both technically correct and lightening fast.

Maybe your system is built, but you need a hand promoting it. Alongside our SEO training, we can provide consultancy for how to promote your site, including utilising social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Real World Examples

Below are a few examples of how we've put Strategy and Consultancy into practise in the real world. Click on any project to read more about it in our portfolio section.

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