Muddy Boots Software

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The Muddy Boots website is a custom built responsive content management system which allows the Muddy Boots marketing team to keep the content up to date and cross link case studies and product details. They can also protect some content behind a data capture form meaning people need to enter an email address in order to read it. After entering their email address they're sent a tailored email; Muddy Boots can then see which emails are opened and which links are clicked.

We began working with 18a Productions in 2010 when they developed a CMS website for Muddy Boots. Over the last 4 years our business and our brand has grown dramatically and as such our website requirements have changed as well. 18a were able to understand and interpret our growing web requirements and create a seemingly brand new, slick website, whilst making very few changes structurally. This is the beauty of a bespoke CMS site; our initial investment allows us to be flexible in the future, so as we grow and our product portfolio increases and new web trends emerge, our website can change with it (but our budget doesn't have to!). On a personal level I couldn't think of a better web design and development partner; they've become like an extended part of our team and I couldn’t do without them!

Emma Waller, Marketing Manager