I’m always looking for cool new effects to build into our sites. It can be tricky to balance out supporting older browsers and keeping things interesting, not only for our visitors/clients, but also for myself! I’ve been experimenting with a few cool CSS effects and AJAX widgetty things lately, including editinplace functionality and a very cool AJAX image uploading feature, both of which I’m building into our new small business website software. I’m sure I’ll blog about that some time soon, but for now here’s a link to another cool effect I’ve discovered. Infact it isn’t anything particularly new really. The technology has been around for a while! It uses opacity filters to dim out the background of the page, while highlighting the all important popup information in the middle. I’ve not used this before on any sites as yet, but assuming IE6 supports it I have the perfect application for it in a project I’m working on at the moment… Again, more details to follow!