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WordPress web design

18a working with Papersmyths

We are extremely proud to announce that Papersmyths have selected 18a to be their new web partner going forward.


Convincing CPanel spam messages doing the rounds

A client just forwarded us an email they had received asking if it was spam – they were right to be wary, as it is indeed a bogus message. We often receive emails from Cpanel – the software that often sits on hosting to help you manage your website hosting account – with alerts about […]

Software development vs custom development

Hosted solutions vs. bespoke development

There's a growing tendency to buy services rather than develop bespoke code. Which camp are you in?

PHP upgrade

Namesco taking down sites running on old versions of PHP

If you’re a Namesco customer with a website which hasn’t had much TLC for a few years, you may have received a scary email or telephone call from them. We received an email from a lovely lady called Ros who had received such an email, and – to Namesco’s credit, a phone call too. This […]

AvailabilityCal User Guide

AvailabilityCal User Guide AvailabilityCal is a tool for managing who you share you calendar with, whilst not showing them any details of what you’re doing, just when you’re free.

Netty Award 2024

18a win Netty 2024 award for

We are delighted to announce that 18a has been recognised for its outstanding work in the “Web Design Agency of the Year – UK” category at the 2024 Netty Awards. It was our work on, our inhouse “things to do” platform, that earned us this prestigious award. The Netty Awards celebrate achievements in the digital landscape, honoring […]

Author website development

Generating an Effective Content Security Policy with your Laravel React App

I recently had an interesting problem to solve. I’d built a brand new author website on a shiny installation of Laravel 10, utilising its out-of-the-box frontend start kit for React. Laravel Breeze offers React scaffolding via an Inertia frontend implementation. As the website explains “Inertia allows you to build modern, single-page React and Vue applications using classic server-side routing […]

ACF Advanced Custom Fields

If your WordPress website looks broken, it could be because of this.

WordPress is the incredibly popular blogging-come-full-website platform that powers over 835 million websites* in 2024. It’s functionality is extended by plugins, and one such very popular plugin is Advanced Custom Fields, which is used on over 2,000,000 sites across the world. ACF announced a while ago that they were making a change to how the […]

WordPress Popup Builder plugin causing sites to get hacked

A marketing agency recently asked us to help with a site they look after for a client because it was displaying odd behaviour – when they visited admin, the page was blank when they should have seen a login screen. We quickly deduced the site had been hacked, and traced the hack back to a […]

Google makes big changes to email security

If you've seen scary messages about your email sending lately, it's because Gmail and Yahoo! are about to tighten up the rules on what it will deliver to their users from the 1st February 2024. Whilst SPF, DKIM and DMARC records are nothing new, it's about to be more important than…

Web trends for 2024

The end of another year, so prepare for another barrage of "trends for next year" type blog posts. But they are very interesting to look back on in years to come, to see how right we were!   So what does 2024 potentially have in store for the web? And…

Podcast: Mastering Continuous Improvement Through Agile Development

Earlier this month I was asked to be on a panel for the latest Evolution podcast, where I sat with other tech leaders to discuss "Mastering Continuous Improvement Through Agile Development". I was joined by  Dwayne Pascal, CTO of Reveall, Gary Clark, CTO of SchoolGrid, and Evangelos Pappas, Head of Engineering,…