From working in PR and updating websites 24/7 (or so it seems sometimes!) I’ve developed a keen eye for typos. But I don’t think it even takes a ‘keen’ eye to spot this striking blunder on a banner outside a Tesco store in South Somerset! A blunder that’s very likely to have been replicated outside every Tesco in the land on New Year’s Eve!

The banner reads: “You’re local Express Store will be open as normal” – but the incorrect use of an apostrophe makes this banner actually read “You are local Express Store…”!

Tesco Typo

We were amazed that the graphic designers/printers let this one slip through the net! And that Tesco went ahead and used the banner – as surely it must have been detected at some stage before it was distributed to stores, mustn’t it?! You don’t need to be a proof reader to spot this one!

Please note: Any typographical or grammatical errors in this blog article are purely for comic effect. 😉