There’s an increasing number of Mac users who are impossible to ignore. I may even become one myself at some point as they do look pretty nice! If like me you’ve always coded websites on a PC in the past you might have been forgiven for ‘over-looking’ the small percentage
of people who use Macs. But this is all changing! Some say, “Once a Mac user, always a Mac user” and the new converts are changing sides in vast numbers. It used to be just music moguls and designers who used a Mac, but now even a few of my more ‘techy’ friends have started buying Macs.

Geek chic, where style, performance and function all come together in perfect harmony. So where does this leave the web designer? Well if you can afford it then I suggest you buy a Mac, install Safari and test away. For those that can’t afford the hefty
price tag, then check out where you can see what your site looks like on a Mac running Safari.