I was just reading on the fantastic mashable.com how the readership of Facebook has apparently dipped over the past month or so, although some are putting this dip in user numbers down to ‘seasonal’ factors.

There’s no denying the impact Facebook has had over here in the UK, everyone’s been talking about it over the past 6 months, but I think the recent ‘blip’ on their way to world domination is probably just the natural re-adjustment that always happens after a boom. People have just got bored and moved on… All those little apps which were fun to begin with are now just annoying, and you’ve added pretty much every friend you ever knew… Now what!? Play silly games with them? I used to login every day, but I have to admit it’s more like once every couple of weeks now.

Facebook’s not going away, and it’s great for sharing pictures and keeping in touch with people. If the folks in charge can keep a lid on the app spam, not loose the usefulness of the site and keep it ‘relevant’, then I’m sure we’ll all be logging in again soon.

Meanwhile I’m off to checkout my new twitter account… 🙂