The day Google turned the lights out.Anyone else visit today and think their monitor was being screwwy?

The usually white background was black, with the text in white.

Apparently it was all part of Google’s attempt to raise the UK public’s attention to ‘Earth Hour’ and attempts at conserving engergy usage.

Earth Hour wants people across the globe to turn their lights off between 8pm and 9pm (local time) on Saturday March 29th. Cities all over the world are also holding events to show their commitment to energy conservation.

Google state on the page linked to above, that whilst they’ve ‘turned the lights out’ to raise awareness of the issue, there’s no actually benefit to giving Google a black background generally as contemporary monitors use the same amount of energy regardless of what they display.

And for all your web developers with a great idea that’ll help save the world… Google are taking suggestions for other campaigns to back/promote; just drop them an email.