We’ve all done it – well, those of us who have accounts with affiliate marketing networks. Set up an account, put a few banners on a site, and then get tied down with the next project, forget exactly who we joined/what we linked to and just delete each merchant email as they come flooding through.

But STOP! Take your merchants seriously! You bothered to take the time to set up the site in the first place, so make the most of the offers and promotions offered to you. Admittedly, on a Friday afternoon when you’ve had your 4th AffiliateWindow email from Comet about £10 off a particular washing machine you can start to glaze over and just think it’s too much to keep up with. But from the point of view of your visitor – that might be just what they need! And £10 off just what they need, is worth having!

So take notice of each email and act on at least some of the offers thrown your way. Code your website in such a way that it’s easy for you to add the latest offers – if it’s quick and simple you’re more likely to. Plus
you may want to build a mailing list / newsletter system so you’ve got a base of users to promote your latest deals to. (And of course, if you need a hand with any of this, you know where we are 😉 )