firefox-logowide.jpgHas Firefox Set the Guinness Record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period? That was the aim for the latest release of their ever popular browser; Firefox 3. Millions of people logged into the official site to grab a copy of the browser, infact according to the Download Day website the final number was more than 8 million. Which is pretty impressive. The total as of writing this is closer to 16 million with users from all over the globe. It just goes to show the importance of the browser as a serious contender to IE’s Internet Explorer and how important it is that people make their websites support it.

The latest figures suggest that the browser market still belongs to IE, but there’s a sizeable shift towards Firefox, clearly helped a huge amount by the massive amounts of money Google are able to pour into the small team of developers behind it. At the moment it’s certainly the browser of choice for many of the tech savy geeks behind much of what we see and use on the Internet, and the geeks choice of today is often the average users choice of tomorrow. That’s what happened with Google.

So the bottom line is; make sure your website works in Firefox! If it doesn’t, why not!? Do something to fix it now and if you can’t get your friendly web developer to fix it for you.

View the download live counter here.