It’s not every day you step into work and are greeted by an Oscar! But I was this morning when I arrived at the Gas Ferry Road Aardman studios.

I was there to build their design for the new Stressed Eric website, and after all Tom had said about the lovely people and building when he was there building them an HTML email I was excited to see what it was like for myself! And he wasn’t wrong. Everyone was very helpful and cheerful and the tall light, airy building (with a fab canteen) would be a great place to go to work every day.

The Stressed Eric build had to be compliant to W3C’s AA standards, which it was except for using images for titles (due to the design using a very cool, unstandard font) and me not being able to dictate the controls on the Video player as it was a YouTube embed. But I still changed the YouTube embed link to validate, and added in some javascript to ensure that anyone who hasn’t got flash installed on their computer sees an image instead.

I really love the design and the uneven textures of it. As their background repeated every 1200px I had to make the characters along the top a transparent png, which means as you stretch/shrink the browser the background moves behind them which gives a very cool effect! Looking forward to it going live!