We’re always telling our clients that planning a website before the build begins is vital. And never has this been more true than with the planning of muchbetteradventures.com. The guys behind the site, Alex and Ed, have loads of great ideas and so it’s been a detailed process to wire frame and plan the functionality on the site. One thing effects another more than you might think!

If you’re embarking on a web project which involes members of the public being able to do things, ensure you get it planned effectively from the offset, as whilst anything can be added to a bespoke system, it’s often a lot more efficient (and therefore cost effective) to get it right from the offset.

I love the designs of the site which we have done already in order to build the demo marketing site – but they’re under password protection on the demo site, so I’ll resist showing them here already!

Now we’ve just got to build the site!

If you have an inhouse development team building your site,  but would like us to help with planning/consultancy/wireframing, please contact us.