We are delighted to be working on new projects for 3 new clients over the next couple of months.

Orchard Osteopaths unfortunately had a rough ride with their last web development team and the site never launched, so we’re picking up the baton and have the designs under the way for their shiny new site.

Meanwhile, we’ve been asked by Eco Fishing Floats to make their English and American shopping sites for their unique product. We’ll be using our inhouse solution, SimpleShop, to let people quickly and easily buy online. I’m very much looking forward to designing this site, which will get under way once their new logo is ready!

Last and by no means least, JAC Joinery have commissioned us to remake their website as they are fed up with having to use Front Page to update their portfolio! So we’ve planned an easy to update Gallery for them to use to keep their website up to date. Rather than use software on their computer (and mean setting up an old computer each time they need to do it) they’ll be able to update the site online using any computer anywhere. We know the lovely people at JAC Joinery as we made a website for Mandy’s online gift shop a while ago.