Yey! We’re all very excited about the launch of the new Hop Pocket Wine Co website.

The site is built around oscommerce, as the specialist wine shop already had an online shop using the software, and so wanted to quickly and easily be able to refill their database of hundreds of products, and wanted their team to be experienced on how to update the site.

Their old site however, used a previous version of oscommerce, which required customers to return to the site after paying with Paypal. If a customer doesn’t return on old oscommerce, the order is placed and payment is taken, but details of the order don’t appear in the admin side of the site. This means the only knowledge of an order is an email from Paypal stating a total and references but not individual product names. We got around this when we first started looking after The Hop Pocket Wine Co site by sending extra information to Paypal so the email confirmations contained more than the default data, but it wasn’t ideal.

The new site uses oscommerce’s integrated Paypal Express Module, so people go to Paypal and login, and then are sent back to the site to confirm their order.

The site also features oscommerce add ons such as Search Engine Friendly URLs and individual page Title Tags.