I’ve loved the style of Tart on Gloucester Road ever since before they even opened last year – our old offices were practically next door so we could see the interior design coming together every day and couldn’t wait to get inside. By the time we introduced ourselves to our new neighbours, they already had a website in production and it too is as lovely looking as the cafe.

So I was delighted when Jennie rang me the other day asking us to take over the maintainence of the site. They wanted some new pages added now they’re established to market the other great services they offer, and needed a gallery put on to showcase the new photography they’re in the process of having done.

It didn’t many seconds to work out the site is actually a heavily customised wordpress install, which is right up my street! So it’s been interesting to work out how it runs, as it doesn’t use a standard template formula and instead has various templates for various pages. It’s also got some nifty CSS in there 🙂

I also updated the fact that the home page showed the next up coming event which was a post, but only displayed posts on a fixed page of “what’s on”. I’ve changed this so that Jennie and her team need only to add a post for an event, which displays on the home page, and works like a standard wordpress blog, with a page of all upcoming event posts, leading to a page on each. This means a single events page won’t get really really long, and they don’t need to delete details of old events, which are good for content and reference. Also, each even now has it’s own page as it’s treated as a regular wordpress post, which means over time they’ll build up a lot more pages in Google to help their online presence.