philosophyWe had the guys from Much Better Travel around yesterday to go through every last detail of their new adventure sports holiday site. When I say “long day”, I mean they arrived at 11am and left at 11.30pm. That’s a long day for anyone! Especially poor Tom who was programming refinements to the advanced search functionality all that time!

No sentence or user message was left unedited as Alex and Ed put their mark on the site, which I think has really given the site the feel of – well, the feel they’re going for actually. The feeling that this isn’t another corporate or affiliate site looking to pack people off on any last minute deal. It’s a site for true extreme sports lovers – or anyone looking for an adventure (no matter their level of experience) but with a pivotal ethos on keeping our world intact whilst you do so. Companies that get featured on the site are going to have to prove their green credentials, and are going to have to set targets for themselves to prove they’re getting muchbetter year on year.

And no corner of the earth is left unsearchable! I in putted over 190 currencies into the site this week, and countries I’d never even heard of!

We’re really excited about this one – so stay tuned for the launch!

Ed – ‘Is that even a country?!’

Ed: "Is that even a country?!"