I’ve just reminded (by a potential client requesting the service) that a little while ago I customised a blogger/blogspot blog for one of our websites, Chelsea flower show tickets.

I usually always do a wordpress install, but for quickness on that occasion I set up a blogspot blog, and used the editing features available from their interface to customise it to look the same as the main website.

It’s pretty good; you can do some HTML and enough CSS to get the effect you need. If your design uses images you’ll need to host them somewhere but that’s not a problem.

Another other option for blogging is wordpress.com – but to customise the CSS on these free blogs you need to pay $15pa – not a great amount, but $15 more than on blogger!

As it happens, I’m shortly going to be remaking the blog as an actual wordpress installation (where you set up the wordpress software on your own domain rather than just get a freebie on wordpress.com) so as to strengthen the main domain with regards to SEO.  But the old blogger version will still be live as a portfolio example! For anyone looking to start a blog for their business, I’d always recommend a custom wordpress install, so you can straightforwardly have your own site on it’s own domain. You can back it up when you want to, and you haven’t got to worry about the free service being taken away.

Blogspot design:

Customised Blogspot Screenshot

Customised Blogspot Screenshot

Original Site:

Customised Blogspot Screenshot

Original FlowerShowTickets website