Just a quick reminder to any affiliates out there who deeplink to products from the Tradedoubler product feed  – their new linking structure went live today (according to an email I received on 29th October). So cast an eye over your site and make sure all is as it should be or if you need any changes made.

OLD: This is how the product feed links looked before today: http://pdt.tradedoubler.com/click?a([affiliateId])p([programId])prod([productId])ttid(5)

NEW: This is how the new product feed links look: http://pdt.tradedoubler.com/click?a([affiliateId])p([programId])prod([productId])ttid(5)url([advertiserDestinationUrl])

We’ve checked over our sites here, including the pet supplies shop on our client’s site MyPetTrade – and it’s business as usual! If you need a hand with anything on your affiliate site, please contact us.