We’re currently building a new wordpress-based website for Chamonix Self Catered, and so they asked if we could liven up their existing logo a bit.

It was really good that they asked for this, as if you have a dated logo, the chances are your shiny new website design that has to match that logo won’t be as fresh as it could be. It’s understandable that companies need to keep their corporate identity – very much so. But if you’re brave enough to give your web designer a little tiny bit of artistic license to tweak that identity as required for the web, then you can reap the benefits. After all, the web is a very different medium; your logo doesn’t need to be seen along side other information on a letter head, or be seen next to changing/moving/interactive features on a print brochure.

It only took an hour in this case to play with a few concepts and change their logo to be something that really suits a holiday website for 2010. And I’m pleased to say they’re very happy with it and we’re all looking forward to the site launch!

Their original logo:

Their new logo:

How that suits the new, fresh design: