As we do our invoicing at the beginning of each month for the previous month, this week has been the first chance I’ve had to play with our new invoicing system. After a year or so battling with the rubbish system our bank wanted us to use, we’ve now built our own!

It means the web based system is built to our exact requirements, and suits our needs perfectly. It also combines lots of tasks that I previously had to do separately and we can generate whatever reports we wish to view. One of my favourite features is the fact that whatever I enter into the simple web form can, at the click of a link, be instantly turned into a very smart looking PDF invoice! This can then be emailed as an attachement to the client, whilst the invoice is in the body of the email too.

If you would like your own system built to help with your admin processes, then please get in touch for a chat about your requirements. It can save you heaps of time if you have something made to fit; trust me, I’m speaking from experience!