Estee Lauder EventFacebook isn’t for every business. And for those that it suits, just creating a Fan Page isn’t enough to bring social media success. You’ve got to think about your audience and what they want…

One of the most imaginative (but at the same time a little nauseating!) uses of social media I’ve seen lately was in a Daily Candy email I just received, sponsored by Estee Lauder UK.

If you go along to Selfridges on Oxford Street up until 7pm on Saturday, you can get a professional make over, followed by a professional photo, which you can walk away with on a USB stick, ready to upload to Facebook and all your other online haunts!

At first I thought this was vanity gone mad… but then I stopped to think of how many of my friends have professional photos as their Facebook profile pictures. And how many people use social media profiles for work and for creating a good impression. Then suddenly it didn’t seem so OTT. If I was near Oxford St I’d be tempted to be honest!

The cost is £15, which is redeemable against purchases. Estee Lauder will have spent a lot of money on the event and promotion, and I wish them luck with it and think it’s a good application of their business to the social media world!

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