I got quite excited when I read a report this morning about a tablet PC from India which was going on sale for just 1,500 rupees which according to XE.com just now, is as little as £20!

It really sounds too good to be true, and for the moment it is, as they’ve only realeased a prototype as yet. It’s also a little on the clunky side and doesn’t have quite the ‘oo that’s pretty’ look of the iPad, but for the price tag I don’t think anyone can rightly complain. One thing it does do though, is prove that you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds for a tablet PC, and maybe another manufacturer will pick up the baton and produce a sexy looking tablet PC with a sensible price tag. If we could get some of those apple looks in a £100 tablet I think that would be a winner for a lot of people.

Quick Pro/Con Summary

Pros Cons
1. USB Ports
2. Mini USB Ports
3. Video-out Port
4. SD Card Slot
5. 2 GB Memory
6. Android OS
7. It’s very cheap!
1. No Hard Disk
2. Dubious quality touch screen which requires a stylus rather than fingers
3. Not as sexy looking at the iPad

Anyway here’s a review I found online.