Everyone knows getting backlinks is vitally important when you’re trying to build up good rankings in the search engines. But how do you know who to get links from? One way I’ve found particularly useful is to check out who’s already linking back to your competition, and try and get links from them.

Say for example you want to appear under searches for ‘bristol widgets’, well then the first thing you need to do is check out who’s linking to the top 10 results for ‘bristol widgets’. You can do this in Google by typing ‘link:topwebsite.com’ for each of the top 10 results. This should reveal how is linking to each site. Often you’ll find a number of link swapping pages, sometimes they’ll have information about how to exchange links – hey presto you exchange links and you’re building up a good link profile for your site, putting yourself in the same neighbourhood as the top results for your keyword.

It might seem sneaky, checking out your competitions link profiles, but it’s a great way of working out how they’re ranking up there where you want to be.

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