are going from strength to strength, and so to build on the community aspect of their adventure travel site, they needed a full scale reviews system!

When the site launched last November it had the facility for members to leave a review, along with photos, but it was time for this basic version to get a facelift.

We had to make sure that the process was as quick and easy for members of the public to use as possible, but with the result of both at a glance information and detailed specifics for other visitors. And of course, like everything we do, it had to be cleverly SEO’d!

The results are some great new pages of the site, with clear thumbs up/thumbs down ratings and out-of-5 scores for the key aspects of experience. The reviews are left by ticking a few boxes and then expanding on this if you wish, and they’re read by seeing quite a lot of each review on one page, with the option to click through for the full review and photos if you’re intrigued!

This new review functionality carried through to the search too, with results now being sorted according to reviews, and searchers clearly being shown how the community rate a listing.

A new feature on the home page also helps adventurers find the company they’re looking to review easily.

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