Twitter have unveiled their new look site – and I think it looks pretty good! Of course the proof is in the using…

I really like the way Twitter have managed the space on the screen – with show and hides you can give a user a lot of information without the page seeming huge when you first get there. I wonder how well it’ll work on small screens; it might be a bit annoying on netbooks etc. But then that can be said about a lot of sites.

By teaming up with people such as YouTube and twitpic they’ve allowed you to see external content without having to leave twitter – good all round. Good for you, as it’s quicker/less navigating. And good for Twitter because they get to keep you without the risk of your wandering off. And probably OK for the partners, as you might bother to click on things now – and see their branding – that you wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise.

The growth of the right hand column means you can see trending topics and who you’re following more clearly, and @mentions etc. will be on the left, above your timeline.

This video, whilst mainly nice footage of a the day in the life of a Twitter use, does contain a nice website walkthrough – if you want one for your site, please get in touch!

Or if you’re lost about what the whole Twitter thing is, then give us a shout for some Twitter Training.

Meanwhile, Twitter is notorious for having it’s technical issues – very often the search tells you it doesn’t work or the API gets backlogged. But overall this is probably because they just didn’t expect it to take off the way it has! So now they’ve give it quite a facelift, I imagine a few underlying issues will have been looked into.