I get A LOT of emails – and I really don’t read all of them that are just trying to sell me something. So I always take note when one makes my finger click to read it…

Gizoo’s latest email had the subject line “Our most reviewed product, the amazing AV Sender is back in stock.” Which intrigued me! What’s so good that it’s their most reviewed item? Or rather, as reviews aren’t always good, what’s got people talking?

Of course, “most reviewed” might mean it’s got 3 reviews whilst everything else has 1 or 2, but still, I know Gizoo are an established site so I expected them to have more. Ends up it’s actually got 58 reviews so that’s not bad.

So if you’re looking for a topic for your next email, consider what’s caused a stir on your website lately – what’s been in the news, what are people talking about, what’ve you seen a surge in sales for – or just what’ve you got back in stock that you know is popular but people might not have heard of (don’t do this approach too often – I wouldn’t appreciate an email from Gizoo everytime something new was in stock!).

Also consider a professionally designed HTML email for your mailings – let people see the product clearly and let them see any special offers. If you want a hand with a design, please let us know.