Here is a good example of why it is important to experiment with different layouts of HTML email. Below is an example of a company who have updated their HTML email. The old one (pictured first) looks good but doesnt offer much to the viewer. The new layout (see the photo on the right, below) gives more opportunities to get the best click through rates.

In the old email I would click on the links – the photos they have used look amazing and really sell the food , so I know I would sneek-a-peek. However there really only appear to be six links to click on and each link is attached to the six photos. There are actually more links but they don’t stand out against the main photos. What’s more, you aren’t going to click on the photos if what they are showing doesn’t appeal to you. 

The new one has a more modern feel to it and it appears to be more user friendly as the layout is simpler. There is more to click on with photos followed by strong titles followed by a small piece of text. They have still kept the same tantalising photos but now with the extra writing to go with it, it is more intriguing. 

Furthermore, while it may not actually be the case, I feel that there is more variation in regards to topics in the new one. You have the photos which you can compare to the text beside it, while with the old one you are drawn in to the brilliant photos so you pay less attention to the smaller titles. The new appears to offer the viewer more.

While I think visually I prefer the old one, my vote goes to the new one. It is brighter, clearer, and more exciting – and I would continue to click through to the site.

So which one do you prefer and why?! Please leave a comment and let us know!

Old and New HTML Email