A little while ago we designed and set up a WordPress blog for our client Nathan Lee Davies.

We are happy to announce that a book he wrote for as a special guest, has been published and is now available on Amazon! This book is called The Great British Breakfast: In search of the ultimate fry-up and it is available to buy on the 1st July.

Matt Smith, the author of this book decided that he was on the search for the ultimate fry up which is how this book came into fruition. He visits places that sell the breakfast – anywhere from your local greasy spoon cafe, to the pub. He even points out that it is possible to get them virtually anywhere including from a tin! 

This book will not only let you know who does the best but also how much it costs, and with special guest written articles from Nathan, it definitely should be worth a read! Please click here if you would like to purchase a copy.