18a Productions is now the new exclusive digital partner for Precedent Internet!

Precedent Internet has been producing websites for dentists for almost 10 years! They are up to date with what information needs to be clearly shown on dentist websites.

A lot of dentists are unaware of many of the stipulations that dentist websites need to have. For example research in the past has shown that many dentists fall foul of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which requires them to provide a website that is accessible to people with disabilities. Dentist websites must also show information regarding the practice, the dentists and their staff. If your website doesn’t meet these requirements you could find that you not only losing patients but also finding yourself open to legal challenges.

Furthermore, in today’s world there is a growing trend for cosmetic dentistry – the market place is becoming increasingly competitive. Your website could be a potential customer’s first port of call so you need to provide the relevant information in a clear and precise way.

We can design and build you a website that is professional looking, easy to navigate and user friendly and can also be easily updates. So if you are looking for a new website, or you want to update an existing one, please contact us.