An interesting article appeared on the web at the beginning of the week about research that had been conducted regarding web browsers. The conclusion that was found by Canadian firm ApTiquant was that Internet Explorer (IE) users have a lower IQ than people who use other browsers. 

The story made headlines around the world and was reported by high profile organisations such as the BBC, CNN and the Telegraph.

At the time it had been announced that 100,000 people has been invited to take IQ tests and from there their results were matched to the browser they used, thus arriving at the finding that IE users had a lower IQ!


…a few days later it was revealed to be all an elaborate hoax!

It turns out that it had been created by a man in Canada who was getting rather frustrated with the old IE6. This led to many of the newspapers that reported it, admitting that they had been duped.

Were you fooled? Let us know!