Yet again Facebook have made some more changes to their privacy settings. 

They are continuing to roll out new measures to increase privacy to users. The latest, is the ability for users to have greater control over who can and can’t see their status updates. 

Many people are seeing this as Facebook’s response to the Google Plus Circles. 

These new changes can be seen through a new set of inline buttons. This means that they are easy to access instead of having to go to your security and privacy settings page. It makes tagging and sharing a lot easier. It gives users the ability to approve tags made to their content and photos. 

When you go to update your status there are several new buttons within the status box. The first icon is a head with a plus sign beside it. If you click on this you can tag the people who you are with, or who the post relates to. This also creates a link to their profile page. The second icon looks like a balloon. By clicking on this you can include your location – this could be a town/city or a restaurant. The third new option reads Friends. If you select this, several options appear including, Friends, Custom and Public. Depending on which one you select will then depend on who can see the status.

By making your privacy settings here clearer and easier to assess, your official privacy page has in turn been simplified.

Facebook Privacy